Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Color me cynical

The UN finally acknowledging the Holocaust? Israel's Foreign Minister making a heartfelt speech there? Kofi Annan admitting that Jews were the primary victims? An Israeli charity recognized as UN-ECOSOC Advisor?

Is the UN moving away from its traditional anti-Israel, anti-semitic stance?

Sorry, but I don't buy it for a minute.

All that is happening is that the UN, like always, is practicing self-preservation above its charter. Israel has wisely decided that the UN was irrelevant, and the US was headed in that direction. The UN wants desperately to be relevant or else it has no reason to exist.

The UN's historic anti-semitism, coddling of terrorists and rabid anti-Zionism was becoming too extreme even for the EU. The EU at least would pay some lip service to Israel's rights; the UN would do no such thing in its one-sided resolutions.

Finally, during the aborted roadmap plan, the UN realized that Israel has no incentive to treat the UN with any respect whatsoever. But how can the UN re-assert itself as the leader in peacemaking in the world without the cooperation of the one democracy in the region?

This is what is behind the UN's newfound acceptance of Israeli issues and institutions. The UN needs a fig-leaf to cover its anti-Israel agenda and to impose its perverted vision of "peace" on Israel. In the coming months, the next time a UN resolution comes down against Israel for defending herself, just wait: Kofi Annan will proudly point to the UN track record of evenhandedness in regards to Jews and Israel and use that as proof that when it asks Israel to allow millions of Palestinian Arabs to move into Israel and go back to the 1947 borders, that it has no anti-Israel agenda whatsoever.

In other words, the UN's one-sidedness was so absurd that even it couldn't deny it anymore, so it hopes by pretending to address the issues then it can once again renew its calls for Israel's ultimate destruction without fear of appearing biased.

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