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From Ian:

Caroline Glick: Democrats and the politics of projection
The Left's denunciations of Trump as an anti-Semite have come at the same time that the Democrat Party's hostility towards Israel and its supporters in America has become more pronounced with each passing day. Leftist anti-Semites have captured the party's base and control the progressive grassroots. They have intimidated pro-Israel Democrats into near silence on Israel and have made hating Israel an electoral advantage in primary races.

The Left's rejection of Israel is now so overwhelming that last weekend, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez canceled her participation in a Peace Now memorial marking the 25th anniversary of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination. Her move demonstrated that even Jewish progressives and an Israeli Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was killed for his efforts to appease the PLO are beyond the Pale for progressives today. Only Jews who reject Israel's right to exist are acceptable among the smart set in the party.

The Left's embrace of anti-Semitism demonstrates that its hysterical claims that Trump loves Nazis is nothing more than projection. And this isn't surprising.

Since 2016, the Democrats have repeatedly projected all of their prejudices, malicious actions and plans onto Trump and the Republicans.

Consider the issue of collusion with Russia. During the debate, Biden accused Trump of being "Putin's poodle." But just hours before, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee revealing that in July 2016, American intelligence agencies "obtained insight" into analysis by Russian intelligence officers that claimed then Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton "had approved a plan to stir up a scandal" against Trump which involved "tying [Trump] to Putin."

Clinton's campaign paid for the infamous Steele dossier alleging corrupt ties between Trump and the Kremlin. The smear file was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. Last week it came to light that Steele's primary source for his file was investigated by the FBI as a Russian spy.

In other words, the collusion that Clinton and later the FBI, CIA, the Democrat Party, the media and a special prosecutor accused Trump of carrying out with the Kremlin was actually conducted by Clinton and her campaign with active assistance from the CIA, FBI, the media and the Democrat Party against Trump. In accusing Trump, they were describing their own actions.

The projection of Democratic plans onto the Republicans continues still today. Indeed, their campaign is organized around a new one.
Douglas Murray: The sly dishonesty of Owen Jones
For example, in the chapter on the anti-Semitism controversy Jones is conscious of the tightrope he must walk — trying not to condone the open anti-Semites in Corbyn’s movement, but at the same time trying to defend his hero from the most serious accusations. Jones can only do this by re-writing or editing out parts of the story, including his own.

So while he is willing to address and condemn some of the more minor cases of anti-Semitism in the party he at no stage contends with the most serious accusations against Corbyn. There is, for instance, simply no mention of Corbyn’s campaign for and support of Samar Alami and Jawad Botmeh, two people imprisoned for bombing the offices of a number of Jewish charities in London. To raise such a thing would mean having to excuse it, condemn it or contend with it. Jones can bring himself to do none of these things.

It is the same with the wreath-laying at the graves of the Munich Olympic terrorists. Jones writes that in 2014 “Corbyn had taken part in a ceremony commemorating the innocent victims of a 1985 Israeli air strike, during which wreaths had been laid for the Palestinians accused of taking part in the terror atrocity at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich”. This is characteristically dishonest. First Jones drops in (and mis-portrays) an Israeli action; then he suggests that anybody might find themselves laying a wreath either at or near the graves of such terrorists; and finally there is that little sleight “accused of taking part”.

What Jones does not mention in his own role in this controversy. For in 2018, when the Tunisia wreath-laying photos broke, Jones was still the most prominent mainstream media defender of everything Corbyn did. While fighting to defend his hero Jones tried to minimise the incident, proclaiming on social media “No one has [presumably he meant ‘was’] killed by a wreath.”

Perhaps Jones the would-be historian is embarrassed by this statement — but in avoiding his own embarrassment he also avoids the job any honest writer would perform. For in precisely such moments lie the problem. In pursuit of their dream of getting a socialist into Downing Street people like Jones were consistently willing to degrade themselves, defame others and otherwise lose any moral sense they still possessed.

There is a rich seam of thought to explore here, but Jones is neither a good enough writer nor an honest enough thinker to perform the task. Perhaps he thinks that both he and the revolution have many more acts left in them — so we read pabulum like the idea that the anti-Semitism crisis could have been lessened if Corbyn had been more willing to “embrace people”.

United Nations? No, united peoples
After 75 years of the existence of the UN, not many achievements can be attributed to the organization. From the eyes of an ordinary citizen in a remote country, one may ask, "What has this organization done for me?" Instead of global cooperation in the face of threatening challenges, we instead witness a club of government representatives throwing accusations at each other, emissaries of senior world leaders taking pot shots at the opposition and flamboyant expenses.

I have previously met with senior representatives of the UN and UNESCO so I understand they operate according to a predetermined policy. Therefore, I know better than to expect UN politics to suddenly behave differently tomorrow morning. In our current situation they have no chance of success. They get clear ideological lines from their respective heads of state and behave according to script without deviating right or left. It is clear that they are distinctly politicians and nothing more.

Nevertheless, a call for the abolition of the UN is not an alternative. It is still an important diplomatic space to meet and talk instead of engaging in wars and struggles. For the UN to function beneficially for humanity, however, would require turning it from end to end to set a higher goal, streamline the organization, and improve and upgrade it. The face of the UN is the face of the international community which depicts the face and state of every country and person in the world. And since every person is selfish by nature, his tendency is to care for himself only. In other words, we cannot expect anything more than the same from an organization that resembles and reflects the state of the world.

The next step that humanity longs for from a global organization is to act as an arena and platform for unity instead of division. Instead of glossing over and blurring the crises facing humanity with beautiful sounding words, it is my hope that the UN will join hands with other international organizations to put the interests and good of all the world's citizens at the center of attention. The call to action for the UN should be bringing people together through a comprehensive education program for social connection as a condition for societies where everyone is closer to each other. At the end of the day, it is the unity of the peoples that make the nations truly united.
The Tikvah Podcast: Dan Senor on the Start-Up Nation and COVID-19
The Coronavirus pandemic has undermined years of economic growth and sent hundreds of thousands of Israelis onto the unemployment rolls. How can Israel—the legendary “start-up nation”—recover from this economic crisis?

Dan Senor, co-author with Saul Singer of the bestselling book Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, is one of the world’s leading experts on Israel’s economy in general, and its tech sector in particular. He joins Mosaic’s editor, Jonathan Silver, for a discussion about how the Jewish state became a global technology juggernaut, the prospects for integrating the Arab and ultra-Orthodox sectors into the broader economy, and the outlook for an Israeli recovery after the devastation of COVID-19.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Charlottesville
The Trump Charlottesville lie remains the one Big Lie, the one piece of Fake News, that has taken on a life that will not end, like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. By now the Russian Collusion hoax has been debunked. The Mueller Report killed the Mueller Investigation. The Steele Dossier. All the anti-Trump lies fade in time. But not The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Charlottesville. That Big Lie just won’t go away.

Experienced public liars like Joe Biden, who has been lying to the public for half a century — even stealing someone else’s life story as his own — and almost every Left Media vehicle like CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC refuse to admit the forgery, the fake, the Big Lie of Trump-Charlottesville.

Do you have just three more minutes now? Go to this YouTube clip: I am not embedding the link in a word but instead am making it easy for you to copy and send this link everywhere. It runs for three minutes. It is not analysis; it is the President speaking in his own words.

Listen to what he said about very fine people at Charlottesville who had a legal permit to demonstrate their belief that their history should be preserved. Listen to what the President also said three separate times in three minutes about White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. It is clear and unmistakable. But they will not let the lie die: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Charlottesville.
Trump denounces white supremacists, calls on far-right group to ‘stand down’
US President Donald Trump denounced white supremacists on Wednesday after skirting a request to do so during the previous night’s presidential debate, which sparked uproar from Democrats, Jewish groups and others across the political spectrum.

“I’ve always denounced any form… Any form of any of that, you have to denounce,” Trump told reporters after being asked whether he’d condemn white supremacists before he left the White House for a campaign rally in Minneapolis.

But asked by a reporter whether he welcomed the support of white supremacists who “clearly love you and support you,” Trump appeared to avoid answering the question, instead touting the importance of “law and order” to his campaign.

The president was also asked what he meant when he told the far-right group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” at Tuesday night’s debate.

“I don’t know who the Proud Boys are. I mean, you’ll have to give me a definition, because I really don’t know who they are. I can only say they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work,” Trump replied.
Republican Jewish group runs $3.5m TV ad campaign targeting Florida
The Republican Jewish Coalition on Thursday announced a $3.5 million TV ad campaign targeting Jewish voters in the key swing state of Florida.

The commercials will run in the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties in south Florida, where roughly half a million Jews live.

“The three most important battleground states are Florida, Florida and Florida,” RJC executive director Matt Brooks told The Times of Israel.

“As we saw with the victory by [Florida] Governor Ron DeSantis, an increase in the Jewish vote can have a significant impact in Republicans winning,” he said. Desantis edged out his Democratic challenger in 2018 by less than 40,000 votes.

In the first of two ads released Thursday, a pitchman cracks, “elect Joe Biden, get all his far-left friends too.”

New York Jewish leaders perplexed that AOC won’t engage with them
Not long after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) pulled off a surprise upset in the June 2018 Democratic congressional primary, Michael S. Miller, executive vice president and CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, reached out to set up an in-person meeting. Ocasio-Cortez, then 28, was a relative newcomer to politics, but her star was rising, and she was all but assured a seat in Congress representing the reliably blue 14th district, which encompasses parts of the Bronx and Queens.

Miller, whose organization represents the Jewish community to New York government officials and counts more than 50 local Jewish groups as members, had hoped to begin a dialogue with the young progressive upstart — and, after speaking with her chief of staff, was informed that a meeting with Ocasio-Cortez would be arranged. Two years and multiple follow-ups later, Miller is still waiting on her call.

“That was October of 2018,” Miller said in an interview with Jewish Insider on Wednesday afternoon. “We’re now on the verge of October 2020, and I have yet to meet with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

“There is a lot of frustration,” he sighed.

Miller isn’t alone among New York’s Jewish leaders in wondering why Ocasio-Cortez, who is poised to be reelected to a second term in November, won’t return their calls. In interviews with JI, several prominent members of New York’s Jewish community said they have made overtures to the freshman congresswoman, who turns 31 this month, only to have their entreaties be ignored.

“We were prepared to meet, but there was no reciprocity,” said Rabbi Joe Potasnik, executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis, recalling an experience similar to Miller’s. “When I spoke to her she was like, ‘Of course.’ But when it came to arranging a meeting, no response.”

“I don’t know what her reasoning is,” he added with a sense of befuddlement. “I think she has to explain why, as a member of Congress who meets with all different kinds of groups, she’s not willing to meet with us.”

Anti-Semitism at UP: we must condemn bigotry in the classroom, always
“Hey Jew girl!”

As I ran out of the classroom, these were the last words the guest speaker had for me, the most minor of his anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“I’m sorry if I offended you.”

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be the victim of an anti-Semitic incident. The feelings of isolation, confusion, anger, all culminating in the strongest sense to fight and to flee. I am no stranger to incidents like these, unfortunately. I grew up in a small city in Montana. In high school, I experienced minor infractions such as people telling me I would go to hell for not believing in Jesus, and major ones, like having coins thrown at my feet and being asked if I would pick them up.

I never expected to experience a much worse incident in a classroom that I was paying to be in. In my time at the University of Portland, I have discovered that my religious and cultural identity is not one that is deemed worthy of protecting.

In the spring of 2020, I enrolled in a class on the politics of the Middle East. The politics in that region in particular are extremely complicated. I knew that I would be faced with both fair and unfair criticism of Israel and the Jewish people. I was excited to be in a space where this criticism could be addressed from an academic standpoint, where we could discuss policy in a manner that could truly further my knowledge and where my professor could mediate any discourse that went too far. However, my professor failed to uphold this academic standard. She blatantly disregarded the line between debate that enriches and educates the mind and speech that lowers the level of discourse to name-calling and lies.

Right before spring break, she brought in a guest speaker from Iran. He had no background in academics, no expertise in the politics of the region. He was simply an Iranian dissident who had immigrated to the United States after his family had experienced persecution by the Iranian regime. In fact, she met him while having her car serviced. They became friends, and she later deemed him worthy to speak to our class.

London-based Arabic newspaper publishes blatantly antisemitic cartoons
Al-Quds Al-‘Arabi (Arabic: Arab Jerusalem) is a Qatari–owned, Palestinian–operated and London-based daily newspaper, often regarded as the most persistent voice in the Arab press against peace, negotiations and recognition of Israel, and a torchbearer of the Three No’s of the 1967 Arab League summit and the PLO-initiated “Rejection Camp” of the 1980s. It’s quite influential among young, highly educated pro-Palestinian, anti-Western Arabic speakers in the Middle East and Europe.

Among English speakers, it was historically famous for its renown yet eccentric editor in chief ‘Abdel Bari ‘Atwan, who filled the position starting from the paper’s foundation in 1989 until 2013, when its new Qatari owners assumed control from their predecessors (a group of Palestinian expats). Since then, it is run by equally-hardline Sana ‘Aloul, an official in the General Union of the Palestinian Communities in Europe; in turn, her name is associated with former Member of Knesset and current advisor to Qatari monarch ‘Azmi Bishara who, as a result, is said to have a considerable level of influence on the editorial board.

Given the fact that the decade which ended in 2013 saw the demise of some of classical Arab nationalism’s very last remnants in the MENA region, it is hardly surprising that the sole bastion of this outdated stance in print has, to a certain extent, moved its allegiance elsewhere (much like Bishara himself). Thus, even before Al-Quds Al-‘Arabi’s ownership was fully ceded to the Qataris, and with ‘Atwan still on top, the paper’s views towards the Turkey-Qatar-Gaza-Muslim Brotherhood axis (which also included Egypt for a hot minute) became increasingly favorable.

Nevertheless, the paper’s core beliefs have remained largely unchanged to this day. To quote its 2020 Nakba Day editorial headline (which poses a question) and body (which answers it in the affirmative), its staff has always viewed Israel as nothing but a “passing stage in the history of Palestine,” however unfortunate its lifelong existence as “an imperialist, racist and religious settler-state” may be.

It’s against this background that the following cartoon, entitled “Normalization” and drawn by Jordanian-Palestinian Osama Hajjaj, appeared last week both on Al-Quds Al-Arabi’s website (September 20th) and print edition (September 21st, page 23):

The rock, shocked to see the Arab (wearing typical Gulf attire) casting his sword aside and eager to shake Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s hand, is calling in high Arabic: “O Muslim… O servant of Allah… What are you doing!!?” Behind Netanyahu we see two more rocks and a tree, and he himself might be holding a sword behind his back with his other hand.

In order to understand just how hateful and violent this illustration is, one needs to realize what is the scene that it illustrates. A stone calling “O Muslim… O slave of Allah…” is an obvious allusion to the following saying attributed to Prophet Muhammad, a Hadith broadly known across the Muslim world:
Throughout the month of September 2020, twenty-seven written or filmed reports relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, some of which were also published on other pages and two of which were carried over from the previous month.

Throughout the month of September visitors to the BBC News website saw no reporting whatsoever on internal Palestinian affairs such as the ongoing detention of three activists in the Gaza Strip, the death of a detainee whilst in custody in a Palestinian Authority police station or a fatal drive-by shooting outside Bethlehem.
Police name suspect wanted in connection with antisemitic incidents in Ontario, Canada
Investigators have identified an individual suspected in connection with several antisemitic incidences in Thornhill, Ontario as 43 year-old Kurt Edwards. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

On 18th September, officers responded to a report from a caller who was outside a synagogue when a male, unknown to him, began shouting antisemitic comments. The victim filmed the suspect who advanced towards the caller’s vehicle in an alleged attempt to assault the caller and his son.

In the video recording shared on social media, the suspect shouts, “Because you’re a piece of s***, you’re Jewish, you run the f****** world!”, before attempting to place his hand inside the car.

The suspect is believed to be responsible for six other related incidents which occurred over Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Private homes and garages were defaced with hateful graffiti that read, “Jews run the world” and “Jews hate blacks”. A vehicle had also been vandalised in the community of Thornhill, north of Toronto, home to Canada’s largest concentration of Jewish residents.

In Ottawa, another male reportedly spat and hurled insults towards worshippers in an outside service on the 19th September.
Statement regarding the claim that the German police “threatened an Israeli with a crime for show of Israeli flag”
After having been approached by a number of our international friends and seeing a Jerusalem Post article making the rounds internationally and causing a major uproar against the Frankfurt police, we see the need to summarize the facts, as they really took place. In a nutshell, the situation looks like this: 1 The premise of the JPost article is incorrect. There were no anti-Semitic calls, as claimed. There was no “German Muslims who called a young Israeli musician a ‘Nazi’”. In fact, there were no anti-Semitic chants or any other insults by pro-Palestinian demonstrators, which were documented whatsoever (despite the fact that the musician was accompanied by a friend, who had filmed her holding up the flag).
2 The fact is that there was a pro-Palestinian demonstration, which took place in Frankfurt back in July. An Israeli musician saw this demonstration, went back to her apartment to fetch an Israeli flag, with which she stood in some distance from the demonstrators. There are 3 short videos, which document this.
3 While holding the flag, she showed her middle finger in the direction of the demonstrators, which cannot be seen in the aforementioned video clips, but which was documented in form of a photograph by a third party.
(Mind you, pointing the finger may have been completely understandable from the situation and in response to the demonstrators, but insulting someone – unprovoked – in this form, is still something, which you can get reported to the police for in Germany.)
4 A third person reported the Israeli woman to the police and filed an official complaint for being insulted in the form of the showing of her middle finger. The police recorded the report, which they are obliged to do by law, and asked her to stop the insult. She was then asked to leave the vicinity, because she did not comply.
It is unclear what exactly was said during the discussion between the police and the woman, especially since the woman only speaks Russian and Hebrew, as well as some broken English.

European Jewish Group Sounds Alarm Over Polish Bill Banning Kosher-Meat Exports
Europe’s largest Jewish umbrella organization expressed alarm on Thursday over an animal-welfare bill in Poland that would ban exports of kosher meat.

“This draft law is of deep, deep, concern to European Jewry. It puts unproven and unscientific claims about animal welfare above Freedom of Religion, breaching a central pillar—Article 10—of the EU’s charter of fundamental rights which states clearly: ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes freedom to change religion, belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others, and in public or private, to manifest religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance,’” said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chairman of the European Jewish Association, in a statement.

The animal-welfare bill has passed the chamber of deputies. It now seeks approval in the Senate.

If passed, it would see a central and vital part of Jewish practice that has taken place for millennia effectively wiped out: access to the supply of kosher meat.

Margolin said the proposed measure “alarmingly, seeks to control and put a headcount on Jewish practice by giving the Minister of Agriculture the power to determine the qualifications of persons performing religious slaughter.”
How an ex-Nazi found UK soccer stardom thanks to a refugee rabbi’s intervention
German-Jewish refugee Rabbi Alexander Altmann was a respected scholar who served as the communal rabbi for Manchester, England from 1938 to 1959. Although an expert on German-Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelsohnn, dedicated football (soccer) fans remember him for a very different reason: An open letter he wrote to the Manchester Evening News in October 1949.

At the time, some 20,000 fans were protesting the appointment of a former German prisoner of war named Bert Trautmann as the Manchester City Football Club‘s new goalkeeper. With Anti-German sentiment still strong in the post-war years, fans of the future Premier League club (especially local Jews) were not in favor of bringing on a former Nazi — no matter how talented a player he was.

Altmann lost his parents and other family members in the Holocaust, but declared his acceptance of Trautmann and encouraged others to do so.

“Each member of the Jewish community is entitled to his own opinion, but there is no concerted effort to end our support for Manchester City Football Club… If this goalkeeper is as they say, a decent fellow, I would say there is no harm in him playing football. Each must be judged on his own merits,” Altmann wrote in his influential letter.

Altmann’s ability to forgive but not forget is portrayed as a pivotal moment in “The Keeper,” an accomplished feature film depicting Trautmann’s story that premieres in the United States virtually and in select open theaters on October 2.

The film’s director and co-writer Marcus H. Rosenmรผller, 47, had never heard of either Trautmann or Altmann before his producing partner brought him the story.
Israeli and Emirati companies join forces to develop COVID-19 treatment
Israeli and Emirati companies focusing on regenerative medicine have joined forces and announced several new joint projects, including one that aims to advance a potential COVID-19 treatment.

Israeli Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI,) and Emirati Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) unveiled their first joint projects at the Malta Conferences Foundation, a global conference that brings together scientists and researchers from Middle East countries in order to improve the quality of life and regional political stability, while meeting the scientific and technological challenges of the region.

“I am delighted by the opportunity to convene this important meeting. The Malta Conferences are the only platform in the world where scientists from 15 Middle East countries, Morocco and Pakistan can get together under the same roof with several Nobel Laureates. They develop collaborations and friendship which overcome the chasms of distrust and intolerance.” said Prof. Zafra Lerman, President of Malta Conferences Foundation.

The Israeli-Emirati joint projects aim to utilize each company's strengths in order to achieve results that will integrate the expertise of both companies.

As such, the first joint project aims to develop a treatment for COVID-19, by using Pluristem's placental expended (PLX) cells, developed from the human placenta and used in various cutting-edge disease treatments, and administrating them to COVID-19 patients via a nebulizer, a drug delivery device that helps a patient inhale a medication through a mask or mouthpiece.
Tel Aviv ranked among top-5 most artistic cities in the world to visit
Tel Aviv has been named the fifth-most creative city in the world, only behind Paris, Barcelona, Dublin and London, according to research conducted by Inkifi, a print-photography company that specializes in turning personal photos into wall art.

“In a planet filled with so much beauty and diversity, it’s not hard to find creativity and inspiration in some of the world’s most notable cities,” Inkifi wrote in a report. “In fact, some cities have made a name for themselves in the world of art, music, architecture and other creative ventures... So if you’re looking for a touch of creative inspiration, which cities should you add to your travel wish list?”

Through the data, Inkifi put together its list of cities that art lovers need to add to their “bucket list” accounts for a number of different art scenes, including galleries, music and comedy clubs, theaters, street art, Instagrams, building architecture and statues.

Tel Aviv was ranked No. 5 for its diverse art scene and its famed architecture. While it has the most art galleries per square mile, the White City earned mostly average scores for the rest of the categories, becoming a more well-rounded and spread-out scene, as opposed to Miami or Los Angeles, which mainly dabble in music and performance arts.

“This historic Israeli city is filled with creativity, boasting more than five art galleries per square mile and UNESCO-recognized architecture,” Inkifi said.

Trailing Tel Aviv were New York, Milan, Los Angeles, Miami and Porto, Portugal.

Sukkah built in front of UAE's Burj Khalifa
A sukkah was built in front of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on Thursday ahead of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot holiday, according to KAN news.

The gesture follows signing of a normalization agreement between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain on September 15, which was brokered by the Trump administration.

Many have speculated that there will be additional deals made between Israel and Arab states, with Oman expected to be the next to sign. US President Donald Trump has hinted that there are talks currently taking place with a number of nations.

Since the normalization agreement was made, several UAE ministers have greeted Israelis for the High Holy Days using Twitter and other means. Khaleej Times, the UAE's first and leading English daily newspaper, published a large Rosh Hashanah feature.
Newly discovered archeological excavation under the Western Wall plaza| SWU Discover
StandWithUs Discover delves deep into Jerusalem's history and civilization at a newly discovered archeological excavation under the Western Wall plaza.

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