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From Ian:

Daniel Pipes: Linda Sarsour, The Left's Latest Star
What to make of Linda Sarsour of Brooklyn, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against President Trump's immigration order and the new, seemingly ubiquitous symbol of the hard Left-radical Islam alliance?
The Obama White House designated her a "champion of change." New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sought her endorsement. Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders used her as a surrogate in his presidential campaign. She served as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
She appeared on major television shows and the New York Times ran a long puff piece calling her "a Brooklyn homegirl in a hijab." David Brock's Media Matters for America advocates for her. She was one of four lead organizers of the anti-Trump Women's March on Washington. Actress Susan Sarandon and Rep. Keith Ellison endorse her. Sarsour, in brief, is "venerated by leftists," observes Muslim reformer Shireen Qudosi. And Islamists too: for example, Al-Jazeera celebrates her.
If Sarsour is the vaunted star of the leftist-Islamist alliance, conservatives can rest easy.
Sarsour plopped herself into my life in March 2010 when she confused me, Daniel Pipes, with, a "boutique news service" that had run a critical article on her calling her a "Hamas sympathizer." She responded by showering me with mock gratitude for the attention ("THANK YOU Mr. Pipes!"). Noting her error, I wrote a sarcastic response ("Sarsour ought to shower, not me, with her affections"). When she did not acknowledge her mistake, I took an interest in her career.
I learned that Sarsour frequently errs without later correcting herself. She wrongly portrayed the murder of Shaima Alawadi as resulting from hatred of Muslims when in fact Alawadi's Muslim husband, Kassim Alhimidi, honor-killed her. Worse, she faked a hate crime against herself, scoring political points nationally by portraying a mentally ill homeless man as a violent racist.
I learned about Sarsour's paranoid loathing for the U.S. government. She portrayed would-be underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as a CIA agent, implying that the federal government murders Americans to frame Muslims. She also off-handedly claimed Muslim "kids [are] being executed" in the United States, presumably by the government.
IsraellyCool: WATCH: Bernard-Henri Levy: “BDS Is An Antisemitic Campaign”
Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French intellectual and author, was interviewed by Fareed Zakaria of CNN on the rising anti-semitism in the US.
The majority of the interview, he spends ripping BDS for antisemitism.

Tenenbom’s latest book demonstrates why a concerted effort should be made to encourage American Jews to emigrate to Israel
Tuvia Tenenbom’s book The Lies They Tell demonstrates why American Jews should move to Israel. The book is a seething indictment of the mindframe of the “progressive” American global melting pot and its “progressive” Jewish community, whose members deny their very essence and are at the forefront of the fight for the rights of every group in the world, with the exception of the Jews.
While travelling through the United States Tenenbom meets people who refuse to discuss politics and philosophy and are afraid to speek their minds unless their opinions are ‘politically correct’. The world is divided into good and bad, black and white, left or right. The politically-correct decultured global white progressive American is inevitably ‘pro-Palestinian’ and opposed to ‘global warming’. Needless to say, all who profess to be ‘pro-Palestinian’ and ‘progressive’ know — with the exception of slogans and for the most part slanted or incorrect facts — absolutely nothing about Israel.
The ‘progressive’ Jews are busy committing cultural suicide/genocide by denying their own culture and internalizing a melting pot without essence. They speak little if any Hebrew or Yiddish and with the exception of superficialities do not identify with Judaism and know hardly anything about it.
Political activists complain about Israeli ‘apartheid’ but are apparently unaware of the fact that nearly half the Israeli Jewish population have their origins in Muslim countries. Nearly all of these countries refuse to allow a single Jew into their country. Nor do they seem to be aware that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do not allow Jews to live or study in ‘Palestine’ which, of course, opposes apartheid. That the Israeli apartheid state is 20 percent Palestinian while ‘Palestine’ is 0 percent Jewish seems perfectly logical to “progressive” Jews.

BDS: The European-funded ‘grassroots’ campaigns
The issue of European Union funding to organizations active in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been a source of considerable tension in EU-Israel relations. Not least of all, Israelis chafe at funding to organizations that support boycott campaigns against Israel, a radical political agenda expressly opposed by official EU foreign policy.
NGO Monitor’s latest research reviews a number of EU regional funding programs designated for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. NGO Monitor found that 29 out of 100 EU-funded projects (from those that are ongoing or ended after November 2015), amounting to €16.7 million in grants, involve no less than 42 organizations that are known supporters of boycott campaigns. Several organizations were the recipients of more than one grant.
Six of these projects meant to “build trust and understanding between societies in the region” involve nine organizations that work to isolate Israeli society.
Another project, titled Performing Arts: A Pathway towards Self Expression and Democracy, is particularly bewildering. During the project’s implementation (2014-2016), the 12 Palestinian organizations chosen for this project issued a joint statement in support of PACBI – the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. These 12 organizations further officially registered as a network in 2015, still within the time-frame of the EU-funded project. Their statement, calling for a cultural and academic boycott of Israel, is readily available on their website, as are the names of their two donors – the Swedish government and the EU.
Four of these organizations were fortunate enough to receive another EU grant in December 2015, titled “Cultural Diplomacy” – the proclaimed objective of which is to “increase public awareness of EU core values and enhance visibility of the EU cooperation in Palestine.”
Michael J. Totten: We Are Still Living With Eisenhower's Big Mistake
American presidents make the same foreign policy mistakes over and over again. Intervening when they should not. Sitting on the sidelines when it’s the worst possible choice. Treating friends and allies like dirt while trusting duplicitous hostiles. If, as Karl Marx said, history repeats itself first as tragedy and a second time as farce, what are we supposed to say when history repeats itself decade after decade ad infinitum?
Historians are tasked with delivering us from George Santayana’s curse, where those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, but historians can only save those who take the time to study the historical record, and even then it only works if the historical record is accurate.
Thank goodness, then, for Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Doran’s valiant attempt to save us from ignorance and bad history in his bracing new book, Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East. He expertly walks us through the Suez Crisis of 1956 and its ghastly aftermath when Republican President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower learned the hard way that Israel, not Egypt or any other Arab state, should be the foundation of America’s security architecture in the Middle East.
When Eisenhower began his first term in 1953, the Cold War was just six years old. Not every country had chosen a side yet. The Middle East and North Africa were for the most part non-aligned, and Eisenhower hoped to bring the Arab world into the American camp.
Why is Jewish Voice for peace hosting an unrepentant Jew-killer at their annual conference?
Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner were friends and classmates at Hebrew University. On February 21, 1969 they were murdered by a terrorist bomb placed in a Jerusalem Grocery store.
Rasmea Odeh was convicted of placing the bomb.
The death of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, and why their murderer walks free today has been covered extensively by the blog Legal Insurrection
In spite of the overwhelming evidence of her involvement in the Jerusalem terror attack, Rasmea Odeh is free today and living in America. She has resurfaced because of allegations of immigration fraud- her role in the murders and her involvement with the PFLP terror group were fraudulently left out of her immigration request.
The question remains: Why is Jewish Voice for peace hosting this unrepentant Jew-killer at their annual conference?
IsraellyCool: Shirley Temper Propaganda Tour To Go On
Back in December, I posted about how Ahed Tamimi (aka Shirley Temper) had been denied a visa to enter the US for an indoctrination tour.
Now it looks like the organizers found a workaround.
This is the DC stop of a national tour organized by Friends of Sabeel- North America.
Combining grassroots community engagement with municipal boycotts, community actions, testimony, and education campaigns, the tour–No Child Behind Bars: Living Resistance From the US to Palestine–explores state violence, particularly the criminalization and detention of youth in Palestine and the US. The tour focuses on the interests and powers that reinforce these systems, with the goal of destabilizing them and breaking them down.
The tour will feature three speakers:
Ahed Tamimi is 15 years old, charismatic, and articulate. She will be speaking from her home in Nabi Saleh, Occupied West Bank.
IsraellyCool: Shirley Temper Gushing With Pride Over Terrorist Relative
Ahed Tamimi aka Shirley Temper has posted about how proud she is of her relative, who read 1200 books and got her university degree.
This is that relative – Ahlam Tamimi – who assisted in carrying out the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing, which resulted in the murder of 15 civilians, including 7 children and a pregnant woman, and wounded 130 others.
She was released in a prisoner exchange and is clearly getting on with her life, a luxury not afforded to the people she murdered.
At least this time those seeking Israel's destruction paid the Jewish Chronicle for their advert
When I first saw the anti-Israel advert my reaction was to wonder whether the Jewish Chronicle would also consider running adverts asking for money to fund Hamas.... then I remembered they already actually did this in 2014.
Most interestingly Daphne Anson's article includes information from one of the people involved in the advert revealing that they had first tried to place the advert in the Jewish News, but they refused to take it 'on political grounds'. The Jewish Chronicle, on the other hand, was more than happy to host the advert. At least on this occasion the Jewish Chronicle got money for hosting the advert. The 'Hamas' ad in 2014 was placed courtesy of the Jewish Chronicle owners for free.
And, incidentally, the three groups named as being behind the advert are: Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Independent Jewish Voices, and Jewish Socialists. All reject Israel as a Jewish State.

UC Riverside student government votes to remove Sabra hummus from dining service
The student government at University of California voted to approve a resolution calling for the removal of Sabra brand hummus from campus dining services.
The resolution passed last week by a vote of 13 to 0 with one abstention. The removal was requested because the Sabra company’s joint owner is the Israel-based Strauss Group, which allegedly supports the Israeli military.
The resolution was supported by the campus organization Students for Justice in Palestine.
The resolution is not enforceable, and the UC Riverside administration says it has no plans to remove the hummus.
“Sabra Dipping Company is owned by two independent global food companies- PepsiCo, based in the US and Strauss Group, which is headquartered in Israel,” Sabra Spokeswoman Ilya Welfeld said in a statement issued to local NBC affiliate NBC4.
“Each company is a separate entity and independent company,” she said, adding that Sabra has “no political positions or affiliations.”
Swastika drawn on base of founders statue at Rice University
A swastika was drawn in bright-colored chalk on the base of the founders statue at Rice University in Houston.
The word “TRUMP” accompanied the swastika on the 2,000-pound William Marsh Rice statue, located in the heart of the academic quad of the campus, the Houston Chronicle reported. The vandalism reportedly occurred on Friday night, according to the university.
It is the third act of racist vandalism on the campus this month.
“I have had it with this behavior,” undergraduate dean John Hutchinson said in a statement released by the university that was also posted on Facebook. “The use of the swastika clearly reveals that whoever did this is either ignorant of the history of true evil associated with this emblem of hate or is genuinely motivated by blind hatred.”
A professional art conservator will remove the graffiti, the university said.
Here are the videos Modern Language Association didn’t want you to hear
MLA Takedown Notices Take Down Our YouTube Account
The following day, we found out that three (3) Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices were served on YouTube, triggering YouTube’s “three strike” rule and leading to our entire account being removed. Including My 20 Favorite Videos that almost disappeared from the internet, like this one, which has over 750,000 views:
The takedown notices were served by the Modern Language Association (MLA) based on short (generally about a minute each) audio excerpts from a 2-hour audio MLA posted on YouTube. We used the excerpts in our reporting on an anti-Israel boycott resolution at MLA, and counter-resolutions. (The anti-Israel resolution failed, and one of the counter-resolutions passed.)
The video excerpts were very important sources of information to support our reporting. But the main anti-Israel group within MLA was upset that we used the audio excerpts, and we know that that group complained to MLA on Twitter (and perhaps directly?) about it.
Our YouTube account was restored after a public uproar (thank you!), widespread news coverage, and our filing of “counter-notifications” under DMCA.
Inaccuracies plague latest anti-Israel op-ed at the Indy
An op-ed published today at the Indy is characteristically strong on propaganda and weak on facts – which is not surprising given that the author, Ryvka Barnard (Senior Campaigns Officer at War on Want), contributes to both Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss.
Whilst the Indy is of course free to publish such predictably one-sided anti-Israel screeds, they are prohibited, per the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code, from including claims that are false or misleading. There are at least two clear examples of such distortions in the op-ed (Theresa May is showing contempt for Palestinian rights as she rolls out the red carpet for Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Feb. 6th).
Here’s the first:
Land seizures and demolitions affect Palestinian citizens of Israel also. Just a few weeks ago, Israeli authorities demolished homes in the Palestinian Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran, in southern Israel, to make way for a new Jewish village. When Palestinian residents protested the bulldozers pummeling through their homes, a local teacher was shot dead by Israeli police, who then branded him a terrorist.
The cycle is clear. Palestinians’ homes and livelihoods are destroyed to make way for settlements. When Palestinians protest, they are met with violence at the hands of the state.
Bernard’s telling, in the first paragraph, of the highly disputed incident in the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran is highly tendentious and misleading, omitting the fact an Israeli police officer was killed in that same incident after being struck by the “local teacher’s” car. But, also note the second paragraph’s rhetorical sleight of hand in leading readers to believe that the incident took place in a “settlement”. However, Umm al-Hiran is within Israel’s 1949 boundaries, and is not a settlement.
BBC News website headline misleads on White House statement
Visitors to the BBC News website’s Middle East page on February 3rd found a headline telling them that “New Israel settlements ‘may harm’ peace”.
The same headline remained on that page on February 4th, 5th and 6th.
That headline relates to a statement put out by the White House press secretary on February 2nd. The words ‘may harm’ do not however appear anywhere in that statement.
‘Due impartiality’ and BBC reporting on Israeli construction
So here we see that in twelve days the BBC News website published six articles which repeat identical messaging over and over again. In none of those articles were readers informed of any of the alternative interpretations of ‘international law’ and readers received no explanation as to why “Israel disputes this” – even though we know that the BBC is aware of the reasoning behind Israel’s stance.
Furthermore, in none of those six reports were readers presented with any information concerning any of the no less relevant issues which can be described as “a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-state solution” such as Palestinian terrorism, Palestinian Authority incitement, Hamas’ outright refusal to accept the two-state solution, the PA’s refusal to recognise Israel as the Jewish state and the Hamas-Fatah split.
Even in articles concerning the evacuation of Amona, the BBC’s standard narrative was repeated without any mention of the fact that past experience shows both that Israel evacuated communities in 1982 as part of the terms of the peace agreement with Egypt and that the evacuation of all Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip and from four communities in northern Samaria in 2005 did not end – or even reduce – hostilities.
Anti-Israel German politician compares Jewish Facebook head with Nazi
The deputy head of Germany’s Social Democratic Party equated the Jewish Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg with a neo-Nazi terrorist on Sunday for her attendance at a Trump administration hi-tech meeting.
The politician, Ralf Stegner, who has previously called on Germany to stop all weapons deliveries to Israel, wrote on his Twitter feed about a picture of Sandberg next to US Vice President Mike Pence: “I thought that Ms. Tschzäpe is in jail.”
It appears that Stegner intentionally misspelled the name of the National Socialist Underground member Beate Zschäpe, who is currently on trial for a campaign of terrorist attacks. She is believed to be a key member of the neo-Nazi NSU group, which murdered eight Turkish and one Greek immigrants between 2000-2006. The NSU cell also murdered a German police officer. Zschäpe has been on trial since 2013.
After criticism on Twitter, Stegner deleted the tweet. Stegner is from the left-wing of the Social Democratic Party, which is a coalition partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.
Photo Caption: Netanyahu “Demonizes Iran”
The Daily Mail covers Israeli PM Netanyahu’s upcoming meeting with UK PM Theresa May in London. It includes the following photos:
Note the accompanying caption:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured) leads one of the most Right-wing governments Israel has ever had and demonising Iran appeals to his voting core
This constitutes editorializing on a grand scale. Arguably, this sort of statement should not appear as a photo caption in the first instance.
The charge that “demonizing Iran appeals to his [Netanyahu’s] core vote” is a step too far.
Is it demonizing to point out to the world that the Iranian regime has consistently threatened to wipe Israel from the map and constitutes a serious threat to Israel’s security? Is it demonization to address Iranian support and sponsorship of terrorist organizations committed to Israel’s destruction?
Not to mention Iran’s test firing in the past few days of missiles capable of hitting Israeli cities. And all of this without even considering the Iranian nuclear program that has allegedly been delayed by the deal brokered between Iran and the international community.
Washington and Tel Aviv: The Guardian Refers to Two Capitals?
Of all the media outlets to commit the error of implying Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, The Guardian should be the most sensitive to this. To recall, in 2012, HonestReporting took successful legal action against The Guardian and the now-defunct UK Press Complaints Commission to force the newspaper to amend its policy of referring to Tel Aviv as the Israeli capital city.
So it’s extremely disappointing that the following paragraph appears in The Guardian’s story “Benjamin Netanyahu to press Theresa May for tougher line on Iran“:
Given that Washington DC is the US capital, this sentence clearly implies that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.
We’ve contacted The Guardian to request a correction. Watch this space.
Mapping the BBC’s use of partisan maps
This of course is not the first time that the corporation has promoted a politically partisan map produced by B’Tselem. In October 2015 the BBC News website published an article including a similar map of Jerusalem credited to UNOCHA and B’Tselem in which the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem (where Jews lived for centuries until they were ethnically cleansed from the location by Jordan for a period of nineteen years) is marked as an “illegal settlement” and Temple Mount is marked as being located in a “Palestinian urban area”. That same map recently reappeared in a BBC News website backgrounder on ‘settlements’.
This new map of Jerusalem similarly portrays places such as the Old City, Neve Ya’akov and parts of Mt Scopus as ‘settlements’ despite the fact that Jews purchased land and lived in those areas long before the Jordanian invasion in 1948. The same is the case in the bigger map of Judea & Samaria which portrays the whole of Gush Etzion as a ‘settlement’.
Once again we see the BBC promoting the simplistic and biased narrative that all areas conquered by Jordan (or any of the other Arab countries which took part in the military campaign to destroy the nascent Israeli state) are “Palestinian land”, even if there were pre-existing Jewish communities on that land before the location was placed under Jordanian occupation (unrecognised by the international community) and their inhabitants expelled.
Efforts Underway to Protect Mass Jewish Graves in Ukraine From Robbers Seeking Gold Fillings, Skulls to Peddle in City Markets
More than seven decades after the Holocaust ended, as grave-robbers continue to desecrate mass burial sites of Jews in Ukraine to uncover gold fillings, jewelry and skulls to sell openly in urban flea-markets, efforts are underway to put a stop to the phenomenon and preserve the sites, the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Sunday.
According to the report, Mikhail Yehudanin — president of the European Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry — and Dr. Dmitry Shiglik — a Ukrainian-born businessman in the US who serves as president of the American Forum of Russian-Speaking Jewry — are working to enlist the aid of Jews on both continents in the struggle to protect the many mass graves in Ukraine where thousands of Jews murdered by the Nazis were simply discarded. The effort also involves trying to bring perpetrators, the vast majority of whom have never been apprehended, to justice.
According to nrg, the digging up of Jewish graves by robbers in search of marketable items has been going on across eastern Europe since the conclusion of WWII. About a year ago, for example, mass graves at the Nazi extermination camp Sobibór were discovered to have been looted.
Virginia Judge Metes Out Educational Sentence to Teens Who Defaced Historic Schoolhouse With Racist Graffiti: Visiting Holocaust Museum, Reading Books by Prominent Jewish, Black Authors
A group of Virginia teens who defaced a historic schoolhouse with offensive graffiti in September was given an “unusual” sentence this week — in the the form of education about the effects of racism, the Washington Post reported.
The five 16- and 17-year-olds — three of whom, according to the report, are themselves members of minorities — were ordered by the judge in their trial, to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and read books by prominent Jewish and black authors, as punishment for spray-painting swastikas and slogans, such as “White power,” on the outside of the Ashburn Colored School in Loudoun County, which taught black pupils from 1892 until the 1950s.
The sentence was recommended by Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Alex Rueda, the report said, who concluded the kids were “motivated more by teenage naivete than by racial hatred.”
“It really seemed like a teachable moment. None of them seemed to appreciate — until all of this blew up in the newspapers — the seriousness of what they had done,” Rueda said.
SodaStream to feature Israeli flag on all its products
The SodaStream company has decided to feature an Israeli flag on all its products, which are sold in 45 countries.
"The company management wants to send a message of national pride, particularly in days when many of us hide our Israeli identity from the world," the company, which manufactures sparkling water makers for home use, said in a statement this week.
The Israeli flag is accompanied by the English message reading, "This product is made by Arabs and Jews working side by side in peace and harmony."
SodaStream International CEO Daniel Birnbaum said that "as a proud Israeli company, we have always taken care to keep our Israeli profile high, even if that means fighting for our place in the face of the European Union and economic terrorism from the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.
"In recent years, we Israelis have found ourselves under attack, apologizing and boycotted all over the world. We may not be perfect, but we have a lot to be proud of, and we decided to show that to ourselves and to the world.

Seth J. Frantzman: Israel's Influence Spreads Across Africa
Israeli-African relations are anchored in Ethiopia and Kenya, and fan out from there across the continent. MASHAV has been a key part of these relations every step of the way. MASHAV’s website lists projects in in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, and Togo.
Fuchs says the main thing that makes MASHAV special is that it is not a financing agency, but focuses on implementation. He explains that “Our strength is in capacity building,” that is, ensuring that the countries have the ability to continue with MASHAV-generated projects long after the Israelis have left. This is an important distinction from several larger countries engaged in international aid. Japan, Canada, Sweden, and France give more than a billion dollars in aid a year to Africa, and countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria receive billions from around the world. But despite massive transfers of wealth, these funds often prove ineffective in improving conditions on the ground.
In contrast, Israel’s skill since the 1950s has been in training and providing expertise. Paul Hirschson, Israel’s ambassador to Senegal, always stresses that the goal is “training the trainers.” That means bringing citizens from African states to Israel for training, or working alongside locals in the field.
Fuchs, who grew up in Haifa and was formerly a diplomat in the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, and Georgia, says that the essential thing Israelis bring to the table is an appreciation for fieldwork. “If a country says education is a priority, or diabetes, then we work closely with what is coming in from the field,” he says. “We don’t stay far behind in the office. We want to see [our] diplomats and ambassadors out there in a nursery or hospital or school. We want to feel the ground and see it and be part of it.”
Intel to showcase 360-degree tech at Super Bowl
Intel will showcase its 360-degree replay technology at the Super Bowl today, giving viewers a unique field-of-vision perspective of the most-watched sporting event of the year.
FOX Sports, together with Intel, will introduce the “Be the Player” enhancement, a feature that displays a POV perspective from any player on the field without ever having a physical camera attached to the player.
The “Be the Player” experience plays from the player’s point of view and allows viewers to fully immerse in the action of the game.
Intel’s new tech was made in Israel by Replay Technology. Intel bought the Israeli 3D video technology startup in March 2016 for a reported $175 million.
WATCH: Gal Gadot Stars in Super Bowl Ad for Israeli Web Developer Wix
Wix, a globally successful web-development platform that is based in Tel Aviv, is taking on the Super Bowl again with an ad campaign featuring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham.
The new commercials are meant to show just how easy it is to create a web presence using the Wix platform.
The storyline follows Gadot, who will star as the title character in Wonder Woman this summer, and action movie veteran Statham as they “take care” of some problematic customers at a restaurant and unintentionally blow up the eatery.
Felix, the chef, is “engulfed in his own world, building his restaurant’s website. Despite the unfortunate destruction of Chez Felix, he gets back on his feet with the help of Wix and revamped his stunning website, allowing him to never miss a beat,” reads the Wix blog.
Wix first bought a coveted commercial spot at the Big Game in 2014. Two years later, the Wix commercial was a collaboration with DreamWorks Animation to promote Kung Fu Panda 3. A 30-second commercial that year cost more than $5 million.
NFL football stars announce visit to Israel
A delegation of 11 NFL football players are heading to Israel next week for a visit set to commence on February 13.
The athletes will visit landmarks in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Haifa, as well as Christian holy sites in the Galilee.
They will also visit the Rambam Medical Center, Yad Vashem, meet representatives from the Black Hebrew community in Dimona, and take part in a football game with the Israeli Football Association.
“Football stars are a source of inspiration for all American citizens. I am sure that, after the experiences that the players will enjoy in Israel and after they have seen the unique tourist sites and the special atmosphere here, they will become ambassadors of good will for Israel,” said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.
Their tour is an initiative of the Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry and America’s Voices in Israel.

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