Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kairos hypocrites upset at IDF recruiting Christians

Kairos, the Israel-hating Christian organization that tries to twist Biblical theology into an anti-Zionist (and anti-semitic) screed, is upset that the IDF is now actively recruiting Christians to join up:

The Palestinian Christian Initiative (Kairos Palestine) issued a statement strongly denouncing the Israel attempts to recruit Arab Palestinian Christians, in historic Palestine to the Israeli military that occupies their people.

The statement came in response to the Israeli decision to form a joint committee of Palestinian Christians, and the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, with the aim to encourage and act on recurring young Arab Christians in the Israeli army.

Kairos stated that the officials who are encouraging enlistment in the occupation army are conducting provocative actions that harm Christian Churches, national interests and the Christians themselves.

“Those who call for recruiting Christians to the occupation army do not represent us, do not represent our Churches, and do not represent the Christians”, Kairos said, “It seems that some of those who have been deceived chose a wrong path that does not serve our interests and faith as Arab Christians”.

It added that trying to recruit the Christians is immoral, and harms the Palestinian Christian identity in the Holy Land.

“We need to be united, we need to protect our national identity, only our Arab, Palestinian, identity will be able to protect us, and protect our interests”, Kairos said, “Our choice will not be sectarian, but will only be national unity between all Palestinians regardless of their beliefs and faith”.

...When Kairos Palestine was established in December of 2009, it published its mission statement calling for people, justice and equality, expressed it rejection to the Israeli occupation, all sorts of apartheid in the world, and called for justice and equality.
You get that? They claim that they want equality, but then they say that Israel giving Christians the same rights and responsibilities as Jews is immoral.

Calling them hypocrites is an understatement.

What kind of equality does Kairos want? The one where Jews don't have any rights to self-determination, where they are expected to act like good little dhimmis under Muslim rule, and where there is no state of Israel protecting Jews from bigots like these Arab Christians who pervert their very religion to express their hate.

Christians are being targeted and harmed in Syria and Egypt, they are fleeing Lebanon and Iraq - but these haters who masquerade as people of faith are obsessed with the Jewish state, the one place in the entire Middle East where the Christian population is increasing.

Somehow, I don't think that their primary interest is the well-being of Israel's Christians.