Friday, March 16, 2012

You simply cannot out-stupid Israel bashers, even when you try

In response to my post earlier today about how two more people were killed by gunfire at funerals in Gaza, commenter ProfessorMiao wrote:

Elder you are being ethnocentric! You have to understand that if it weren't for Israel there wouldn't have been funerals. And Palestinian 'culture' demands that guns be fired wildly and wantonly at funerals. So it IS Israel's fault!!! The mainstream media, in its tremendous sympathy, sees this.

Sometimes I worry about my level of cynicism...
The good professor, in attempting to create an outrageous argument, attempts to satirize the thinking of the hate-Israel crowd.

But Prof. Miao's worries about being too cynical are misplaced. It is literally impossible for normal people to even pretend to understand the universe of convoluted logic that the Israel-bashers live in.

I bring you proof, from a Ma'an comment on the earlier story of the boy who was killed at a funeral by gunfire:

4) Bemused / New Zealand 14/03/2012 17:58
It's called Root Cause Analysis - If the Israeli's hadn't killed his relative, there wouldn't have been a funeral, relatives would not have been firing guns, and the child wouldn't have been killed. Even such simple clear linear logic is too difficult for the great minds above, obviously....
You cannot out-stupid Israel-bashers. Satire is impossible. All we can do, sadly, is report how they actually think, as insane as it is.