Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend links

Nutty Syrian conspiracy theory of the day: Soccer star sending secret signals to Syrian smugglers

No Islamists Here: Media Buries Motive on Toulouse by David Gerstman at PJMedia

On the same topic, Removing All Traces of Islamist Terror from Toulouse Shootings at Commentary

Plus, Mohammed Merah in a photo-op with French politicians.

Lebanon's Shi'ite Amal party says it detects Zionist hands in Syrian and Iraqi car bombs. Of course it does.

Some Moroccan MPs are very upset that this weekend's Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Rabat will host some Zionists. They say it is "heinous."

Paintballing with Hezbollah. Really.
At the very end of the evening, things take a chilling turn. The Boss walks over and takes Ben’s gun away from him while criticizing his marksmanship. In an exemplary display, the Boss takes careful aim at a rope hanging on the other side of the arena and fires shot after shot, squarely hitting the rope each time while chanting Yahoud (“Jew”) on each pull of the trigger. He seems to think it’s funny, but no one else laughs.

International Incident of the Day

Egypt MP calls for end to women’s right to divorce

And, of course, Israel saving the world again - with a potential cure for pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Have a great weekend and Chodesh Tov!

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