Friday, March 23, 2012

UNRWA lies

At the same conference that Catherine Ashton made such an idiot of herself, an almost equally stupid statement - but really more of an outright lie - was given by UNRWA Commissioner General Filippo Grandi. UNRWA was the conference organizer.

Our introductory speakers - representing their governments and institutions, but also through their own personal commitment - are an impressive cross section of all those who support Palestine refugees, and are thus UNRWA’s key stakeholders: the European Union, our largest collective donor; the Government of Belgium, whose support to Palestine refugees dates back to 1949; the Government of Jordan, host to the largest single Palestine refugee population; the League of Arab States, the refugees’ main global and regional ally and advocate; and Foreign Minister Malki of the Palestinian Authority, who will speak today on behalf of President Abbas. The Palestinian Liberation Organization, I remind you, is UNRWA’s key partner and counterpart in its role of representing all Palestinians and through its efforts to find a solution to the question of refugees.

UNRWA has not done a single thing to help find a solution to the "refugees" since they really were refugees, in the mid 1950s. Since then UNRWA has gone from being part of the solution into being part of the problem. While in the early 1950s, they tried to build works projects to rehabilitate the refugees and allow them to ease into the economies of their host countries, the completely gave up on that part of their mandate by 1960. Since then they have been following whatever Palestinian Arabs want them to do, mostly because 99% of their employees are Palestinian - who don't want to solve the problem that gives them a livelihood.

One small but telling episode occurred in 1958. On the occasion of United Nations Day, October 24th, UN posters were distributed in all the refugee camps. The posters showed the flags of all the world’s nations – including Israel.

Jordan protested the inclusion of the flag of Israel on these posters. So UNRWA personnel were sent to all the camps to erase Israel’s flag from each and every poster.

And to praise the PLO as wanting to solve the refugee problem is to praise the PLO for wanting to destroy Israel, because that is exactly how they intend to solve the problem - by misreading UNGA 194 as if it means that Israel must accept millions of artificially-defined "refugees." It doesn't.

UNRWA could help solve the problem by putting their definition of "refugee" in line with that of UNHCR. Because then some 80% of the so-called "refugees' would disappear immediately even if you still believe that descendants of refugees are refugees themselves.

But they won't do that - because they don't want to solve the problem at all.