Saturday, March 10, 2012

Terrorist rocket hits house. In Gaza.

Gaza's NGO Safety Office SMS alerts service says:


10 Mar, 1130hrs: Pal. ops fired 1 HMR from Al Maghazi Camp, MA, towards Israel, but the rocket dropped short and hit a Pal. house E of Al Maghazi. 


10 Mar, 1700hrs: Pal. ops. fired 1 rocket from Shujaiyeh, GC, but the rocket exploded prematurely.


10 Mar, 1730hrs: Pal. ops fired 3 HMRs from E of Beit Lahiya. 1 of the rockets exploded prematurely, while the other 2 landed in Israel.

From what I can tell, the terror groups seem to take credit for the rockets that explode early as well.

Islamic Jihad lists 41 Grads, 20 Qassam-style rockets, 3 "107" missiles and 6 mortars fired. The PRC doesn't have a grand total but it seems to be taking credit for about 30 rockets and 17 mortars.