Sunday, March 11, 2012

Report: US ambassador to Egypt flees country after violent protests

On Friday, there were violent protests in front of the US Embassy in Cairo.

It appears that they were enough to prompt the US ambassador to flee Egypt, according to Bikya Masr:
Anger toward the United States is growing in Egypt, and on Friday, some 100 angry demonstrators took to the US Embassy in Cairo to voice their concern, clashing with security forces in the area.

As a result of the rising tension and anger toward the US, the country’s ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson reportedly has fled the country to Germany en route back to the United States.

On Friday, the protesters called for an end to military rule over Egypt, which they argue is a result of American support and backing, both financially and politically.

The demonstrators clashed briefly with soldiers stationed near the US embassy in downtown Cairo.

Shouting “Down with military power!” the protesters lobbed stones at the soldiers, who responded by throwing them back and trying to disperse the crowd.

The US Embassy in Cairo would not reveal to Bikyamasr.com when the ambassador would be returning to Cairo, saying the security situation at the embassy is “under control.”
No confirmation of this report yet from any other source.