Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pukewashing: Knesset votes to ban underweight models in ads (includes gratuitous photos)

From Ha'aretz:
The Knesset yesterday passed a law banning the use of underweight models in advertising. The so-called "Photoshop law" also requires that any ad agency digitally altering photos to make models look thinner must disclose the fact in the advert.

The legislation is an effort to change idealized perceptions of beauty that, according to evidence presented to the Knesset, encourages eating disorders such as anorexia.

The law also bars the use of overly thin images from foreign advertising here, as defined by the commonly used medical measure of body mass index. Models with an index of 18.5 or less - or who appear to have such a low index - will not be allowed to appear in advertising.

Data from the Knesset's Research and Information Center presented at legislative hearings revealed that there are about 1,500 children, including teenagers, diagnosed with eating disorders in Israel annually. Evidence presented to the Knesset showed that exposure to idealized media images of bodies is one risk factor in developing an eating disorder, by glorifying the thin body.
As every Israel hater knows, this is a transparent attempt on the part of Knesset to distract the world from Israeli crimes. It is pukewashing.
Alisa Gourari, an 18-year-old model who was runner-up in the World Super Model competition, has modeled for Max Mara and Valentino. She has starred in a number of Israeli advertising campaigns but is too thin to meet the requirements of the new law. She said the debate over underweight models is important, but she too said the law applied limits without regard to whether the model was healthy at his or her weight.
Here is Gourari:
She does look scarily skinny.

Here are some of the 55 other Israeli models from Fashion Model Directory. Unfortunately, they do not mention the models' weights, so I cannot calculate which ones would be affected by this law. You guys will have to do the exhaustive research yourselves.

Israela Avtau

Elinor Gal

Yael Goldman
Shelly Hazan

Hial Marin

Tehila Rich
Tal Shomron
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