Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New PA music video for kids glorifies terrorism

Just a new generation being groomed for careers in terror. No big deal:

Teach the sinners [Israel]... that death for the sake of the country is not terror
Don't cry Palestine -- stand tall for your heroes.
Let the cowards [Israel] see that your kids didn't surrender to fear in the midst of horror.
Oh children of the stones, teach the sinners [Israel] that shooting doesn't scare you,
that your dignity is preserved, and that death for the sake of the country is not terror.
Terror is the occupier and his helpers,
not those who saw and tasted death but were not humiliated,
and not the child who nurses fear and expulsion, yet surrenders not.
He vows that when he grows up, he will follow the same path.
Don't be sad, oh great nation, Allah is with you.
Don't be sad with Allah's help.
[PA TV (Fatah), Feb. 24, 2012]

Isn't it remarkable that self-proclaimed "peace" activists never have anything bad to say about things like this?

(h/t Ian)