Monday, March 05, 2012

Linkdump: Reactions to Obama's AIPAC speech

The Atlantic: It was all politics.

Ha'aretz: "A strong commitment to Israel? Assuredly. Capitulation to the dictates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Not a chance."

Peres: It was a "determined" speech.

Former Israeli chief of staff Naftali Bennet: "Right now we are seeing big words but a very, very small stick."

Robert Satloff makes many points, including: "One additional item noticeable by its absence was any message to the people of Iran. This was a lost opportunity."

Lenny Ben-Israel: Obama's red line seems to be only at the final building of a nuclear weapon, not any point beforehand.

Barry Rubin: War is inevitable

Yid with Lid slams the speech as "lie-filled."

Erekat: The PA is "disappointed" that the speech gave "unprecedented support" to Israel.

Dan Senor: Why Israel still has doubts about Obama (if paywalled, try looking here)