Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lebanon says it is BFF with Syria

From Ya Libnan quoting SANA:
Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour stressed that Lebanon distances itself from decisions taken by the Arab league against Syria because they pose a threat to its stability and security. He said “the relationship between Lebanon and Syria is very special and unmatchable in the world and we can’t take any hostile or biased attitude [towards Syria]“.

The Lebanese Minister said in an interview with Lebanese As-Safir Newspaper published on Saturday that the Syrian crisis will not be solved through the military solution or violence, pointing out to “the importance of abstaining from imposing economic sanctions if we want to help Syria implement reforms because such sanctions cause sufferings to the Syrians”, he added.

The Lebanese FM stressed that Lebanon will never participate in the so-called “Friends of Syria” conference which is to be held in Istanbul next month, highlighting that Lebanon will not recognize this council. It recognizes of the Syrian state and Lebanon is tied with the Syrian state through distinguished historical relations, being a brotherly state, adding “we do not abandon the brotherly country and we should help it get out of the crisis.”

In other Lebanon news, a safe has been discovered that some people think belonged to Arafat:
A safe believed to belong to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was found in southern Lebanon on Saturday, a Lebanese TV channel reported.

The locked container was discovered by a Lebanese man near the site of a former Fatah military base when Arafat lived in the country, Al-Jadeed TV said.

The one-meter wide, 2-meter long safe weighs seven and a half tons, and was transferred from the site in Al-Raml Al-Ali for inspection by a security committee with representatives from Hizbullah and Amal movements, the TV report said.

Spokesman of the Palestinian embassy in Beirut Hassan Ashanina told Ma'an the discovery was not near Arafat's former residence, and questioned the media linking the safe to the late leader and president.

Lebanese authorities will issue a statement on Monday regarding the safe, he added.