Sunday, March 04, 2012

Israelis taking Gulf airlines via Jordan

Firas Press quotes Mako saying that many Israelis are saving money by taking Arab flights via Jordan, especially to Southeast Asia.

According to the story, Israelis travel to Queen Alia Airport in Amman, and from there take Arab flights to their destination. Gulf airlines will usually stop in their home countries, such as the UAE, Qatar or Bahrain, but while the Israelis must disembark to change planes, they don't need to go through security again.

An Israeli travel agency, "Fly East," specializes in arranging these trips, saying it can save hundreds of dollars per trip. According to Globes, some one third of Israeli backpackers going to the Far East - some 40,000 people this year - are using Arab airlines like Royal Jordanian Airlines or Qatar Airways, mostly to save money.

One reason for the uptick in Arab airline use is because Israelis don't want to use Turkish airlines anymore.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is unhappy with this idea, stressing that the Gulf countries are just as much enemy states as Iran or Syria, and it is equally forbidden for Israelis to enter. Apparently, this advice is being roundly ignored.

(ht Yoel for Mako link)