Monday, March 19, 2012

Islamists make a political play for Syria

While the Western world watches the horrific daily massacres in Syria without the slightest shred of strategy or planning, the Islamists are twelve steps ahead in their quest to take over the country.

If there is anything we have learned in the past year (let alone the last couple of decades) it is that any Middle East power vacuum will be filled with Islamists, ready to provide social services and a heaping spoonful of Muslim supremacism.

Over the weekend, there were a series of bomb blasts against Syrian targets, killing scores of civilians, that the opposition denied setting off. Some believe that Islamist groups are behind the blasts. Chaos favors the Islamists, and they also happen to be experts on car bombs.

Today, popular extremist preacher Youssef Qaradawi demanded that all Arab countries unite against Iran and Hezbollah, ostensibly because of their support for the Assad regime.

Qaradawi spoke directly to the Syrian people, saying that all (Sunni Muslim) Arab countries are in solidarity with Syria and will not let them down. He called on the Syrian resistance to be strong and to unite to bring down the regime.

While it is possible that some Syrians would be skeptical, the fact is that Qaradawi is the only one speaking to the masses in simple language showing support. Western leaders certainly aren't doing that in a way that Syrians could hear them. He, and other Islamists, are laying the groundwork for the day after, the same way they did in Tunisia and Egypt, while Western nations are giving mixed messages.

Whether the Syrian revolution lasts months or years, eventually Assad will fall -and only the Islamists are planning for that day now.