Friday, March 16, 2012

Islamic Jihad claims current rocket fire comes from "individuals"

YNet reports:
The rocket fire from Gaza continued on Thursday night but the Palestinians are saying that the truce has been in effect for a few days: Te deputy secretary-general of Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhleh, discussed the recent bout of rocket fire on Israel and said that his organization was committed to the ceasefire agreement. He noted that the latest rocket fire on Israel was the act of individuals.
There were at least two Grads fired on Israel on Thursday, besides a few Qassams and mortars.

If anyone believes that "individuals" can get hold of Grad rockets in Gaza, I have some penny stocks that are guaranteed to go through the roof I can sell.

Hamas monitors every single import into Gaza, if only to tax them. It is aware of where every Grad rocket, machine gun and bullet goes. And no individual in Gaza is importing Grads, nor are terror groups handing them out like candy.

The lies are so transparent, yet even the Israeli news media cannot bring themselves to point out how obvious they are.