Sunday, March 18, 2012

"IDF dogs are crossbred between wolves and pigs" says Pal. "human rights" org

Palestine Times quotes the "International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights" as saying that the dogs used by the IDF were crossbred from wolves and pigs in order to be especially vicious.

The Foundation was quoted as saying "the use of dogs is behavior that demonstrates the extent of the low-level moral culture of the occupation, and the extent of malice and hatred and violating the dignity of the Palestinian citizens, turning their bodies into pieces of meat for these big dogs."

That sounds like an objective report, doesn't it?

The English-language Hamas site that reported on this story was apparently too embarrassed to mention the charge about the cross-breeding. But since their report also had standard charges against Israel, it is quoted as an authentic human rights organization.

The ISFHR, or "Tadamun Society," has been quoted by rabidly anti-Israel media a couple of times in the past year, but appears to have no website. It seems it is one of those "insta-NGOs" that sprout up in the territories to take advantage of the huge amounts of money that seems to always be available for any anti-Israel organization, especially if they throw the words "human rights" in their title. It is based out of Nablus and appears to have a single member, Dr. Ahmed Al-Beitawi.

Now, who do you think funds the ISFHR/Tadamun Society? Europeans? Gulf states? Iran? The PA?

Too bad there are no real investigative journalists in the territories who would bother to ask these questions.