Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hypocrisy (and some anti-semitism) on Toulouse in an Egyptian paper

Joseph Mayton, an American journalist who is editor-in-chief of Egypt's Bikya Masr newspaper, writes:
In India, it’s “Porngate.” In France, it’s the live and non-stop coverage of man who shot students at a local Jewish school – imagine if the shooter had shot up a Muslim school – and in the United State, it’s politicking chitter chatter. While in Syria, scores of civilians are being killed daily; in Sahel a humanitarian crisis is forming that could threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. But we care about the shooter in what is an incident that pales in comparison to what the Syrian government is doing to its people; what the military junta in Egypt does to protesters, and more importantly, the daily genocide carried out against an entire population in Palestine by the hands of the Israeli government.

But, by all means, lets stare at the television and wonder just when French police are either going to kill or arrest a man, who disgustingly shot up a school and killed three children. It was wrong. But it was not the worst carnage of the day.

Some 88 people were killed in Syria, and those are the ones we are able to report.

Taking that into account, it appears that for every one Israeli child – or ceremoniously Israeli due to being Jewish – more than 25 Arabs have to be slaughtered for it to equal the front pages of newspapers. It is wrong.
What is "Porngate?" From a different article in Bikya Masr:
In the latest scandal involving India lawmakers, officials in Gujarat have been accused of watching pornography during assembly. The report publicized by officials in the Western Indian state, is the second such porn scandal this year to hit the Hindu nationalist BJP.

And who wrote this article? Why, Joseph Mayton did, only the day before his self-righteous diatribe about how news organizations are ignoring big stories!

Yet the major example of a story that he feels was over-reported is not about celebrities, or sports, or politics. No, he feels that as "disgusting" as the Toulouse massacre was, it should be relegated to the back pages while Syria  - or, "more importantly," Palestine - remains the top story.

Even though Syria is not the top story in his own newspaper!

Mayton claims that if a similar massacre occurred at a Muslim school the world would have yawned. Actually, if a Jewish terrorist had grabbed a Muslim girl's hair in school and shot her in the head twice to "confirm the kill" while videotaping it, it would have been the top story for weeks not only in Bikya Masr but in the Jerusalem Post as well.

Isn't it interesting that it is Toulouse that gets Mayton's ire for being over-reported?

Mayton's disgusting hypocrisy and pure anti-semitism - not anti-Zionism, but anti-semitism - can be seen where he claims that "the daily genocide carried out against an entire population in Palestine by the hands of the Israeli government" is more important than the scores being murdered in Syria every day!

Calling what Israel does "genocide" is simply Jew-hatred. In the entire year of 2011, fewer civilians were killed by Israel than in six hours yesterday by Syria.  But to Mayton, Israel's actions are more important and more deserving of news. Mayton never called that "genocide."

In other words, Mayton is guilty of  the hypocrisy he is accusing other journalists of - in the very same article!

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Now for the kicker.

Bikya Masr has articles on its site from all over the world, articles about technology and sports and art the usual offbeat stories.

 Yet a search on the site for the words "France" or "Toulouse" or "Jewish" shows that  it did not report the school murders in Toulouse at all.  It didn't downplay it, it didn't bury it - it completely ignored it.

Why would this newspaper purposefully ignore such a news story? Could it be precisely because the murder victims were Jews - which, Mayton helpfully tells us, are "ceremoniously Israeli"?

This is not coincidence. This shows the attitude of the editor-in-chief of a major newspaper as well as his staff.

Keep in mind that Bikya Masr is one of Egypt's most liberal and "Western" oriented newspapers. Yet even the editor of that paper is a sickening piece of filth whose visceral hatred of Jews shines through in this piece. This should give you a scale of reference to see how bad other Arab media is.