Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hamas website is posting IDF videos!

The Hamas news site Palestine Times has a series of videos about the events of the past few days.

Interestingly, two of them were posted on YouTube by the IDF.

One was this video where residents of Ashdod hear six huge explosions:

They have similar videos of Israelis running to shelters. The idea is to show their rocket fire is causing panic among Israelis - which is, after all, the very definition of terrorism.

The other video is more interesting. It is the interview that I posted yesterday of PRC spokesmen who insist that Hamas is not doing anything to stop their rocket fire. The caption it "The Brigades commends the government's support for the resistance."

Which means that Hamas is also admitting that they are not trying to discourage terror groups from shooting rockets at Israel.

The very things that the IDF wants to communicate with the outside world - that Gaza rocket fire is aimed randomly at civilians, that they can cause serious damage, that Gaza's leadership wholeheartedly supports their firing - are what Hamas brags about to their people!