Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hamas and Islamic Jihad talking unity

Hamas' Palestine Times reports:

A member of the Political Bureau of the Movement of Islamic Jihad, Mohammed al-Hindi, said that merger talks between Islamic Jihad movement and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas are continuing and going in a positive direction. H

Hindi said in a televised statement late Saturday 17/3/2012, that the talks discussed the stages, progression and the development of public policy, "but the outcome of the talks are not yet shown on the ground," adding that his movement looks at the issue from a strategic perspective, and stressed that his movement looks to the unity of the Islamic movement in Palestine, like the results of the Arab spring in a number of neighboring Arab countries. He pointed out that coordination between the two groups are an essential step for unity. He called for coordination fully between Hamas and his movement in all areas to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.
Islamic Jihad gained a lot of popularity in Gaza by shooting hundreds of rockets at Israel last week, and Hamas' stock with Gazans went commensurately down for failing to join in.

Which means that among the populace of Gaza, the number of people who want to actually have peace with Israel is pretty small.

Not that you will hear any Western leaders noticing that. After all, if Palestinian Arabs don't want peace, then peace is impossible, and the best you can hope for is managing conflict. After investing decades in a "peace process" that went nowhere, who wants to admit that?