Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gaza power plant shuts down, yet again

This morning the power plant in Gaza shut down after the Friday fuel shipment from Israel ran out. THere seem to be no plans to ask Israel to keep shipping the fuel, even though the IDF expedited the shipment on Friday, a day that Kerem Shalom is normally closed.

The PA sent a delegation to Egypt to help solve the crisis, but Hamas reportedly boycotted the meeting.

For its part, Hamas says that Egypt has plenty of fuel and is not suffering a shortage, and its media quotes an Egyptian official as claiming that someone is spilling fuel into the desert to create an artificial crisis to overthrow the state.

An agreement has apparently been made to have Egypt ship natural gas to Gaza to power the electric plant, a scheme that would take six months.

OCHA published a map of the electricity situation in Gaza. I didn't realize that Israel is supplying electricity to the area over 12 separate feeders distributed throughout the sector.