Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Following a lie from Al Aqsa Foundation to the Arab League to UNESCO and the Security Council

I mentioned that the Al Aqsa Foundation was inciting against Israel, blaming the partial collapse of a wall and a small landslide on a hill in Silwan on "Israeli excavations" that are meant to "Judaize" Jerusalem.

This damage has nothing to do with any excavations (which are hundred of meters away anyway.) It is simply a result of heavy rains that have been saturating the ground and making it unstable, and there have been other instances of similar damage. (In Gaza today a man was killed when a well collapsed, for example.)

The Al Aqsa Foundation is a fringe extremist group whose only purpose is to incite hate against Israel. Several times a week it fabricates stories about supposed Israeli plans to demolish the Al Aqsa Mosque. Sometimes, the stories get play and when they are lucky they can cause riots and even deaths with their unfounded rumors.

Yet their repeated lies continue to get coverage in Palestinian Arab media and beyond.

Now, according to the group, the Arab League has lodged a complaint with UNESCO and the Security Council to condemn Israel for its imaginary role in these incidents.

Assuming it is true (perhaps the Aqsa Foundation lies about Arabs too) this shows how irresponsible the Arab League is. It has no problems pushing ridiculous lies up towards world bodies without the least bit of vetting. It fully supports the incitement and hoped-for violence that would result. It reflexively believes - and goes on to take ownership of - the most outrageous claims, as long as Israel and Jews are the target.