Sunday, March 25, 2012

Details on recent Gaza fighting show disregard for civilian lives

GANSO released its report for the first half of the month, which includes most of the rocket fire and Israeli airstrikes from earlier this month. Here are some highlights:

  • 16 of the Qassams fell short or exploded prematurely. 
  • 4 rockets from Gaza fell on and damaged homes in Gaza. 2 were injured.
  • There was an increase in rockets being fired from urban, civilian areas compared to previous flare-ups.
  • The increased number of Grads means that they can be fired from areas of Gaza that had not seen rocket launches before.
  • They counted 105 Grads, 152 Qassam-type rockets, and 42 mortars being shot from Gaza. They also counted 50 Israeli airstrikes.
  • "A number of the Grads were fired from in and around Gaza City itself, including the Rimal and beachfront areas, where many NGOs have offices and residences."
  • "3 civilians were killed, including 1 child, as a result of bullets fired during funeral processions."

Are any "human rights" organizations commenting on how Gaza terror groups are putting the lives of civilians in danger?