Thursday, March 15, 2012

CNN Arabic recycles old "Gaza smoke" photo

In that same CNN Arabic article I just posted about, here's the photo accompanying it:

Only one problem: the photo was not taken this year.

Obviously those massive IAF airstrikes didn't create images that were photogenic enough for CNN Arabic, so they swiped a photo that was used multiple times by the BBC in 2009.

This is hardly the first photo that has gone around this past week that originated years ago, but it is one thing to see tweeters misuse photographs, and quite another for CNN.

Maybe they think that their stellar journalistic standards mentioned in the last post don't have to be so high for their mere Arabic site.

Then again, why should any news organizations be expected to portray events accurately? As bad as this is, there is somewhere else this photo was used recently: by a Spanish news site to describe Syrian bombing in Homs!

(h/t Dan)