Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arabs freak over poster in Beirut university that mentions Tel Aviv

From Iran's ABNA:
"Tel Aviv in the Heart of Beirut Arab University (BAU)"; this is how a "saiddatv.tv report" commenced. The report added that the news is not a joke, but it "gives BAU students an opportunity to work in the Zionist entity's capital Tel Aviv."

On this level, the video report indicated that "by the university principal's office, and on all floors of all faculties, a colorful poster is hung, listing the names of many capitals including Prague, New York, Geneva, Singapore, Moscow, and Tel Aviv."

This poster calls on students to apply for jobs in the Zionist entity, which was established on the ruins of Palestine and the displacements of its people, the report added.

"The university's students resented the poster, saying that their university was established by former Egyptian Leader Jamal Abdel Nasser, who refused to negotiate, hold peace, or acknowledge [the existence of] "Israel"," the saidatv.tv report asserted.

Also, the report iterated that the BAU violated the law to boycott "Israel", although it was one of the victims of the "Israeli" invasion of Beirut in 1982.

"However, has the BAU become a center for normalization in light of the political tremors in Egypt?" the report further wondered.
Here's the video, from Lebanese Saida TV, complete with footage of Israeli jets attacking Lebanon during wartime:

You can see that this poster is for the Bloomberg Assessment Test, a standardized test meant to measure students' knowledge and aptitude in finance. Here's the full poster:

It is obviously not calling on students to work in Tel Aviv; it is recommending that they take the BAT and therefore have all their options open because employers presumably will value a high test score.

But mere facts won't stop idiotic anti-Israel bigotry.

So all we can do is laugh at it.