Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An amazing day for rhinoplasty stories

From CNN:
A lie and a nose job may cost an Egyptian politician his spot in parliament.

Anwar al-Bilkimy, a newly elected legislator, was forced to resign from the ultra-conservative al-Nour Party after lying about having plastic surgery, Ahmed Khalil, a party spokesman said late Monday.

Black and blue from his rhinoplasty, al-Bilkimy told parliamentarians that his face was bandaged because gunmen attacked him after he refused to get out of his car, Khalil said.

Suspicious, the al-Nour Party, who's hardline creed forbids plastic surgeries, formed a committee to investigate his story and found out that he had lied, a party statement said.

Al-Balkimy checked into Cairo's Selmi hospital on February 28 for plastic surgery on his nose and the next day checked into another hospital, where doctors said he claimed to have been beaten by gunmen, Egyptian media reported.

"Based on what the hospital officials said, we decided to expel him from the party, and so he submitted his resignation," a statement on al-Nour's official Facebook page said.

Which brings up perhaps the only rocking music video about nose jobs by a band with a frontman who wears a kippah, with a band name appropriate for the day:

I love all the Groggers songs I've heard so far.

(h/t Muqata)