Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video: Mughniya's 3-year old grandson encouraged to join resistance


Following are excerpts from an interview with 'Imad Mughniya, grandson of slain Hizbullah operations mastermind 'Imad Mughniya, which aired on Al-Manar TV on February 16, 2012:
Interviewer: Leaders do not die because their path lives on forever. With us in the studio is little 'Imad Mughniya, grandson of the martyr 'Imad. Good morning, 'Imad. How are you?

Grandmother: Say: "Good morning."

'Imad Mughniya: Good morning.

Interviewer: Good morning. Don't play with the microphone, 'Imad. What would you like to say to your grandpa, 'Imad?

'Imad Mughniya: I love you.

Interviewer: What's your name?

'Imad Mughniya: 'Imad Mughniya.

Interviewer: Who are you named after?

'Imad Mughniya: After grandpa.

Interviewer: What are you wearing, 'Imad?

'Imad Mughniya: Military fatigues.

Interviewer: What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Family members: He will be in the resistance.

'Imad Mughniya: I will be in the resistance.

Interviewer: Like who?

Father: Say: "like grandpa."

'Imad Mughniya: Like grandpa.

Grandmother: Whose gun is this?

'Imad Mughniya: Grandpa's.

Grandmother: That's right. Who wants to hold the gun?

Interviewer: Hajj 'Imad entrusted little 'Imad with this.

Grandmother: Little 'Imad is taking the big gun. Go on.

[Lets 'Imad Mughniya play with the gun]

Interviewer: That is what Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah said, [Mughniya] left behind thousands upon thousands of soldiers… We would like to think little 'Imad.

Grandmother: Clever little 'Imad is now going to mama.

['Imad gets up and leaves the studio]
Hezbollah: Death cult.

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