Thursday, February 23, 2012

PRC claims they shot a Grad to Urim

From Palestine Press Agency:

The Nasser Saladin Brigades, military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, on Thursday evening launched a Grad rocket towards Urim in the occupied Palestinian territories for the first time in the history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A statement of the PRC was distributed to the media 'that the activists fired a Grad missile at ten o'clock in the evening towards Urim' in a campaign launched by the name of "Here we are Al Aqsa."
I'm not sure if it was the first time they attacked Urim or the first time the PRC used a Grad rocket.

The Israeli press only reported on Qassams on Thursday night.

Urim is about as far from Gaza as Ashkelon is, but to the east of Gaza. Note how they call it "occupied."

If the PRC has Grads, then Hamas allowed them to have them. The PRC is not smuggling Grad rockets without Hamas' knowledge. Chances are Hamas allowed the PRC to fire them as well.

On the more positive side:
The IDF targeted a terror cell Thursday night attempting to fire a rocket at Israel, the IDF Spokesman's Unit said.

Israel air craft struck targets in the northern Gaza Strip, thwarting the terrorists' attempts to attack Israel.