Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A popular resistance brick harmlessly hurled at evil Zionist woman

From YNet:

A teacher was on her way home to the West Bank settlement of Karmei Tzur on Tuesday when she found herself the target of a rock salvo that smashed her windshield.

Zehava Weiss, the driver, came out unscathed from an incident that has become a daily experience for residents in the region. An AFP photographer who was standing nearby captured the instance when a Palestinian boy hurled a boulder at her car.

Weiss told Ynet that she saw the car in front of her getting hit, but did not think the salvo would continue. She had no choice but to continue driving into Beit Ummar, a Palestinian town, even after she bcame the target.

"I saw crowds on my left and on my right," Weiss recalled. "I knew that something was happening, but I had to continue driving because I didn't see any cops of soldiers in the area."

Luckily, Weiss said, her car is armored, but even so "the windshield was shattered and the exterior was dented in several places. They were throwing bricks, not stones."

This wasn't Weiss' first time in an incident of this kind.

"The Palestinians love to throw stones near that spot, and at two other sites near the village," she said. "I have lived in Karmei Tzur for eight years and I can tell you that they hurl stones almost every day.
This is what Mahmoud Abbas calls "non-violent, popular resistance."

Here's my guess at the ways that the usual gang of anti-Israel idiots will use to justify or deflect from this attempted murder, if forced to comment on it at all:

  1. She's a settler, so she deserves it. She's probably from Brooklyn.
  2. If she wouldn't live on stolen land, she wouldn't have to worry about being attacked every day. (At least not for a couple of years, until the next phase.)
  3. It's only a stone. That's nothing compared to Israeli F-15s.
  4. It's only a stone. That's nothing compared to the suicide bombings that Palestinians used to do. Would you prefer those? You should be thanking the stone thrower.
  5. A Jew threw the stone and the photographer was a Zionist, trying to make Palestinians look bad.
  6. The occupation drives people to do something like this. End the occupation and things will be peaceful, just like they were before 1967.
  7. Come on, millions of Palestinians are treated worse every day!
  8. She was dressed provocatively.
  9. Boys will be boys.
  10. Look how settlers drive through Arab villages with bullet-proof cars, like they are better than the residents.
  11. She was on her way to defile the Al Aqsa mosque.
  12. This is the traditional way that Palestinians celebrate the end of hunger strikes.
  13. If Palestinian Sesame Street was still being produced, kids would learn not to throw stones.
  14. The UN didn't condemn it, proving this is not a big deal.
  15. Of course he had to throw a brick. Her car is armored!
  16. Headline: "Israeli occupation forces arrest Palestinians in Beit Ummar for no reason"
  17. She deserved it. She was out alone.*
  18. She deserved it. She was driving!* (Without her guardian!)
*(h/t Jewess)