Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now the Gaza bakeries are going to shut down

Even though some fuel somehow managed to make its way into Gaza, the problem is not over - and now the bakers are warning that they may shut down.

Abdel Nasser, president of an association of bakery owners in Gaza, says that the severe shortage of fuel may result in some of the bakeries in the sector closing in the next few days.

He said the crisis began almost two months ago since Egypt started cracking down on smuggled fuel. The quantities of diesel fuel going through the tunnels are limited and not sufficient, and bakery owners have been forced to use their own fuel which is now running out.

He added that some bakeries were forced to purchase diesel fuel on the black market.

Or, as GazaBYO tweeted,

Gaza bakeries may stop working due to the fuel crisis. So #NoElectricity #NoFuel #NoWater and Now #NoBread. #WelcomeToGaza