Monday, February 13, 2012

Morning links

Honest Reporting: You Can’t March In Step With Suicide Bombers and Lecture About What’s Mainstream discusses an Australian journalist who loves to contextualize suicide bombings making declarations about what most Australians think. (Here he is about 9/11; doesn't sound "mainstream" to me.)

Honest Reporting also debunks a rumor that CNN had let go of all its Jewish staff in Israel. (People had sent me that story for a few days but I am not going to report on something that incendiary without a lot more proof. I had written to some of the reporters who were let go but they didn't respond.)

Magen David Adom's first Muslim ambulance driver is a woman:
"At first it was difficult working with a team comprised mostly by men, but I've gotten used to that already. They're nice. At the station I am friends with the Jewish girls. I teach them Arabic and learn Hebrew from them. In the meantime I use the advantage of my language in east Jerusalem."

A review of "A Convenient Hatred" - a book about anti-semitism, at Stonegate Institute.

Also at Stonegate, a look at radicalization of young British Muslims.

Iran reported preparing "suicide bomb boats" at the Straits of Hormuz.

Isi Liebler of the Jerusalem Post is interviewed about a possible military strike on Iran:

(h/t Daphne Anson)