Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meanwhile, Pakistanis have a US-Israeli-Indian conspiracy theory...

A straight news story in The Nation (Pakistan):
US, Israel, India responsible for killings in Balochistan

Foreign countries and agencies strongly opposed to the Gwadar Port and determined to drive a wedge between Pakistan and Iran are involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan, military sources say.

They told TheNation that Gwadar Port had the capacity to bring about economic prosperity in the impoverished Balochistan and this was precisely what the enemies could not tolerate.

Similarly, the sources said, the countries that did not like cooperation between Pakistan and Iran were out to employ all sorts of machinations to create differences between the two Islamic states. They patronise terrorist organisation Jundullah for activities inside Iran.

The United States, CIA, XE Services (the new name of erstwhile Blackwater), India and Israel, the sources said, were some of those involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan and are fanning secessionist tendencies among angry Balochis.

The interior ministry, the sources said, has failed to deport such elements from Balochistan, because of which the terrorist activities are still going on.

Terrorist activities and daily killings in Balochistan have created unrest among the people, providing some leaders with an opportunity to speak against the Federation. Some of them have also started talking of an independent Balochistan.

Insanity is apparently the hottest fashion in Pakistan.

I don't know if the paper is government-run; the article sure reads the way that Syria's SANA "news" agency articles sound.

(h/t Philtheman)