Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I am not as optimistic as this paper, but the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy thinks that if Assad falls, Hezbollah might give up their weapons.

"The Jew is a Satan in human form" says a Palestinian Arab scholar in Lebanon.

Egypt's parliament to boycott all events with Israeli officials?

Hacked emails showing George Galloway sucking up to Assad.

Hollywood producer setting up a "content incubator" in Israel.

UNRWA, and the EU by funding it, are the real obstacles to peace.

Arguing against the arguments against attacking Iran.

In the wake of the historical revisionism we've seen in recent years pretending that Israel was at fault for the failure of the Clinton parameters, here is a nice video with Bill Clinton explaining in his own words how Arafat destroyed chances for peace:

Seen in Ramallah (via email, not confirmed):

(h/t Yoel, CHA, EG, Ian)