Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids in Gaza are dying from "resistance tunnels" collapsing

Palestine Press Agency reports on a new PCHR report (not yet online) that says that some recent deaths of children in Gaza were not from them "falling into holes," as had been reported, but from them being in the wrong place when "resistance tunnels" collapsed.

Last Thursday, a 13-year old child was killed as a tunnel underneath him collapsed south of Gaza City.

This was not a smuggling tunnel, but one of the tunnels that Hamas builds to store weapons and to provide a secret path between buildings.

Last October, two more children were killed while playing soccer as another "resistance tunnel" collapsed in Jabalya.

PCHR called on Hamas to take appropriate precautions when building these bunkers.

Perhaps Oxfam should be called in to do "independent" inspections of terror tunnels. It's not like they will ever criticize Hamas anyway.