Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iranian TV reporter among supected terrorists arrested in Azerbaijan

From APA:
Azerbaijani Ministry of National Security disarmed the terrorist group of Iranian intelligence agency “Sepah” and “Hezbollah” in Azerbaijan.

APA reports quoting AZTV that the terrorist group was established for the purpose of committing a terror act against the foreign citizens by using weapons, explosives and explosive devices.

The group members gathered material reconnaissance materials. They illegally acquired many weapons, ammunitions, explosives and explosive devices and began preparations to commit a terror act.

A group of persons were detained in Azerbaijan over the last several days. Member of Nardaran Sanhedrin Karbalai Natig Karimov told APA that the majority of detained as a result of operative measures taken by the National Security Ministry and law-enforcement bodes were the residents of Baku villages, especially Nardaran. They are accused of establishing armed unit, illegal keeping of weapon, betrayal of motherland and drug trafficking.

Karimov said that they knew the names of 20 detainees.

Karimov said that his brother Niyazi Karimov, Chairman of Public Union “National and Moral Values” Mehdi Mammadov, Abulfaz Bunyadov, Anar Bayramli, who is presented as a correspondent of “Fars” news agency and Iran’s “Sahar” TV channel in Azerbaijan, “Sahar” TV channel’s driver Ramil Dadashov, nephew of Balagardash Dadashov, who was accused of preparing terror act in Azerbaijan and declared wanted, Ali Mammadov.
It is unclear if these arrests are related to the bombings and attempted bombings last week in New Delhi, Georgia and Thailand.

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