Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How many universities worldwide have "American Day"?

The University of Haifa did, on January 19:

I was curious if I could find any other university worldwide that ever had an American Day.

I found only one: Hebrew University, last March.

Can you imagine a scene like this in any European university, or in any other Middle East country?

Here is video from the US Ambassador to Israel on his trip to Haifa, including this event and visits to GE Health Israel (where they manufacture ultrasound equipment) and a science museum.

This is one part of Israel that the anti-Israel crowd doesn't want you to see. Israelis love America. They don't resent it, they aren't jealous of it, they don't take it for granted - they simply love America.

And the feeling is mutual - even though a small but noisy bunch of haters try their hardest to change that.