Thursday, February 02, 2012

Honest Reporting mission to Israel (advertorial)

You might have noticed an advertisement on the right sidebar for the Honest Reporting Mission to Israel taking place May 30-June 5.

As I wrote in an advertorial last year, the Mission always has first-rate speakers and tours. The Honest Reporting Mission is a fantastic way to actually meet and ask questions of newsmakers and policymakers in Israel. I would love to go and interview all of them for the blog!

Which brings up a point. The Honest Reporting folks told me that if a certain number of my readers join the Mission, they will let me tag along for free.

Therefore, I have a vested interest in getting as many of my readers to go to the Mission as I can! And if I get to go, this blog will have a great week filled with video and exclusive interviews.

So if you have some vacation time coming up at the beginning of June, you should consider spending an unforgettable week in Israel. Just sign up and tell them that you head about the Mission from me. Who knows - you may get to hang out with me for a week!