Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hamas leader calls for re-evaluation of "unity" saying Fatah is not serious

Khalil al-Hayya, head of Hamas' political party "Change and Reform," has called on Hamas to re-evaluate the unity agreement with Fatah in light of Fatah's postponement of a meeting meant to create a framework for negotiations.

He said in a statement, "Unfortunately, the reconciliation track needs a re-evaluation. None of the agreements that have been made on 20 December have been implemented. Reconciliation is not a media or political slogan, it benefits us and the Fatah movement, and to get those benefits one must be prepared to pay. We want to truly end the state of division without equivocation and without the disappearance behind the media or political slogans to reach the stage of full partnership in the PLO or the Authority or otherwise, and without this conviction, the reconciliation concept will remain elusive."

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Fatah's postponement of the meeting indicates that Fatah is not serious about reconciliation.

And this meeting wasn't even to do anything concrete.