Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gazans fight over - Farmville

According to Palestine Press Agency, a Gazan man walked into a police station complaining that a neighbor had stolen a sheep on his farm. The police took down all the information and went to question his friend, who denied the theft.

It took a few minutes for the police to realize that the theft happened in cyberspace, within the popular Facebook game, either Farmville  or a variant (in Arabic, "Happy Farm," which is the name of a popular Chinese version.)

In another incident, a fight broke out between two brothers in Gaza over the same game, causing injuries, and neighbors had to separate them.

Naturally, the story has to include the obligatory section saying that the reasons Palestinian Arabs are so addicted to Farmville is because of the crippling Israeli "occupation."

If that is true, then why are tens of millions of others hooked on these games as well? Has Israel managed to occupy the world?