Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gaza tweeters blame Hamas for blackout

Interesting tweets from Gaza Youth Break Out:

I can't shut up any more. Call me a zionist, call me spy but the truth must be revealed.  is responsible for the 

 power plant has fuel and it's not running because of orders issued by Int. minister Fathi Hammad & Head of political bureau meshaal

Fathi Hammad bought 50,000 electricity generators from  & smuggled it through the tunnels and wanted 2 sell it in .

Hanneya was having ameetings in iran & he needed a story to get some money from his allies & his story was cutting the electricity on

Usually when  is dark. Hammas leaders blame Israel for it but now they're blaming  . Since when Egypt provides Gaza with fuel?

How come All Hammas leaders houses are lit up and all the other houses in  has no electricity?

How come Al Nasser street is lit up in the middle of the day while most of the houses r dark?

The legislative council in gaza is having asession in the dark during the day. HAVE MERCY ON US & STOP IT 

Everyone in  knows that Hammas is behind the  but they prefere 2 shut up because you simply can't say a word against hammas.

When Abu Shamale director of Al-dameer HR organization said electricity company has fuel, Hammas told him shut up or you'll be fucked.

 should stop using people's misery and should stop accusing  of shits Hammas is responsible of. 

I can't verify the truth of all the accusations, but it shows that at least some people in Gaza aren't as credulous in accepting Hamas' lies as most major Western media is. The photo of the legislative council seems to be recent, though - we saw similar daytime shots years ago.

(h/t Israel Awareness)