Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Egyptian siege of Gaza continues

Today, without warning or explanation, Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing for passenger traffic from Gaza.

Yesterday, four buses were stopped from going to Egypt because of alleged "computer problems" on the Egyptian side.

I'm certain that we will be seeing condemnations issued by major human rights NGOs about how Egypt is holding 1.6 million innocent Gazans in the world's largest prison, with charts and statistics and heart-rending personal stories. The UN will issue anguished statements any minute now. The EU will implore Egypt to consider how their decisions impact on the lives of people under Egyptian occupation (remember, controlling a border is considered "occupation" under the creative definitions of many human rights organizations.)  Conferences will be held on college campuses deploring and denouncing the capricious actions of the heartless Egyptians.

Because all of those groups care so much about Palestinians in Gaza.