Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tomorrow is Keffiyeh Day at Occupy Wall Street!

From Existence Is Resistance:

Leila Khaled, terrorist airplane hijacker
Friday, October 28 · 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Liberty Plaza: The Occupation Of Wall Street

In support of Palestinian political prisoners, most significantly Majd Ziada, EIR (Existence is Resistance) will be hosting a Kuffeya Day at Liberty Plaza to spread awareness and gather petition signatures which will later be delivered to Israeli authorities which are scheduled to release an additional number of prisoners within 2 months.

In solidarity with the people of Palestine, we are asking that on Oct. 28th everyone come to Liberty Plaza wearing their Kuffeya. EIR will be on site silk screening shirts for a $2 donation.
(Yes, the photo of terrorist Leila Khaled illustrates the posting.)

Majd Zaida drove the getaway car in the shooting of a mailman in an Israeli community in Yesha. The victim was in fact an Arab, which is being cited as a mitigating factor by the people who want his release - which shows that even they believe that Arab lives aren't as valuable as Jewish lives!

While explicit anti-semitism has occurred at the "occupy" protests, it seems to be somewhat fringe. However, the anti-Israel crowd is quite prominent at these protests. This is not surprising, because the major Western anti-Israel movements are led by socialist and communist groups who are also leading these anti-capitalist rallies.

Here's a video taken yesterday in Chicago, where the bizarre ritual of repeating whatever nonsense is stated by anyone with a megaphone is shown:

As I mentioned earlier this month, the biggest market for Palestinian Arab-manufactured keffiyehs is now anti-Israel activists, not Palestinian Arabs themselves. They stand to make a killing by selling their products to anti-capitalists - at a 600% markup!

(h/t Onion Tears News)