Monday, October 10, 2011

They lie, and lie, and lie....

ISM co-founder and Free Gaza leader Huwaida Araff tweeted:

Huwaida Arraf
Settlers from Itamar set 35 olive trees on fire in Palestinian village of Awarta, south of Nablus. Photo:

Here's the photo:

It was promptly retweeted by a couple of dozen people.

However, like many of these stories, it is a lie.

As AFP reports from Awarta:

Israeli soldiers also put out a fire in a nearby field lit by a number of Palestinians, a military spokesperson said. Palestinian witnesses confirmed there had been a fire but said it was started accidentally.

There was another bogue story from Awarta yesterday, but it was so absurd that AFP didn't bother mentioning it.

Palestinian Arabs accused Jews of releasing wild pigs again, injuring a woman harvesting olives.

I'm surprised Araff didn't tweet that as well.

(h/t Captain Barak Raz tweet)