Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Syrian army has crossed Lebanese border 3 times

In mid-September:
Lebanese security sources said a squadron of Syrian Army soldiers infiltrated Lebanon and opened fire on a Lebanese Army patrol. They said the attack took place on Sept. 15 near the Lebanese-Syrian border outside the Lebanese town of Mewanseh.

"A patrol belonging to the Syrian Arab Forces crossed around 200 meters into the Lebanese territory at the Mewanseh point in the northern province, and fired a number of machine gun salvos while pursuing fugitives across the border," the Lebanese Army said.

The Lebanese statement marked the first official report of Syrian Army infiltration and shooting in Lebanon, Middle East Newsline reported. Diplomats said the security forces loyal to Assad have been regularly operating in northern Lebanon.
In late September:
Two Lebanese men from Akroum in north Lebanon were briefly kidnapped by members of the Syrian army, a security source said Thursday.

After six members of the Syrian army infiltrated the border town, the two Lebanese men, cousins from the Daher family, were taken at gunpoint to the Syrian border village of Heet at dawn Wednesday, the source told The Daily Star on condition of anonymity.
And today:
Syrian army tanks crossed the Lebanese border near the Bekaa town of Aarsal on Tuesday and fired several gunshots within Lebanese territory.

“The Syrian tanks crossed the eastern borders of the town of Aarsal and fired several shots before they returned to [Syria],” NOW Lebanon’s correspondent reported.

He said that the Lebanese Armed Forces command contacted the Syrian army “to coordinate and called on the soldiers to immediately withdraw from Lebanese territory.”

Meanwhile, the National News Agency reported that the tanks fired in the direction of a battery factory in Aarsal, adding that the Syrian troops suspected fleeing gunmen had taken refuge in the building.
I wonder whether Lebanon is filing any formal complaints about violation of their sovereignty, he way they do when they charge Israel with crossing the border.

They certainly aren't firing at the Syrians the way they do to Israelis.