Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Syrian and Iranian media: Al Jazeera was founded by Israelis!

From Iran's ABNA "news" agency, copied by Syria's SANA:

French writer Thierry Meyssan said that the Qatar-based al-Jazeera channel was conceived by two French brothers: David and Jean Friedman , who hold the Israeli nationality.

The French writer said in an article published on his website, Voltairenet.org, that Qatar has financed the channel with USD 150 million loan for five years before it became the only financer.

He added that the goal of al-Jazeera was not saying the truth and that the involvement of al-Jazeera channel in provocative acts aiming at toppling the Syrian and Libyan regimes was not due to circumstances, rather they were long-prepared goals by people who knew how to hide their personal interests.

There is indeed a prominent and wealthy French media mogul named Jean Frydman. In 1994 he exposed that the founders of L'Oreal were Nazi supporters and charged that he was forced out from a L'Oreal-owned media company by Arab boycotters. It seems like he does hold dual French-Israeli citizenship.

The charges that he and his late brother started Al Jazeera has been going around far left sites for a while.

Meyssan is a 9/11 denier. The only evidence that he claims to have for the charge that the Frydmans founded Al Jazeera is a footnote saying he received the information from "interviews" - but he doesn't say with whom.

He is quite a nutcase:

On August 22, 2011, Meyssan while stuck at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, reported live, by voice, to the Russian program Russia Today. Stating that contrary to most reports, Gaddafi forces had driven the rebels from most of the city. At the same time he described that he felt he was in danger, accusing all of his fellow journalists of being spies from the CIA and the MI6, since he felt that he was the only journalist trapped at the Rixos that seemed to be reporting first-hand knowledge of who was winning the battle for Tripoli.

That same day, Meyssan reported that Western agents, disguised as journalists at the Rixos hotel (as he had previously indicated) had marked him for assassination and that escape routes in the city had been blocked to prevent him from fleeing. Stating that the identities of these spies would be released in due course
Somehow, he miraculously escaped from the clutches of the CIA and MI6 in Tripoli.

He lives in Syria. 'Nuff said.