Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Report: Egypt bans Jewish pilgrims

From Arutz-7:
For the first time in recent history, Egypt has decided to completely bar Jews from visiting the tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira, head of the dynasty that included Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira, the famed “Baba Sali.”

The decision, issued by regional ruler Mukhtar el-Hamlawi, was reported by the Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa.

El-Hamlawi reported that a Cairo court had ruled that celebrations are forbidden at the tomb, and Jewish visitors would be barred for that reason.

In addition, he said, “We prohibit Jews from visiting the tomb because we identify with the Palestinian people, and because we do not want to offend the Egyptian public’s sensitivities.”
I couldn't find the story on Wafa. There are plenty of Arabic websites reporting it, but they all seem to be quoting Arutz-7.

So while the story is believable, and consistent with what we have seen in recent years in Egypt as people protest the pilgrimage, I'm still trying to confirm it.