Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Morning links (updated)

Turkey finally accepts Israeli offers for earthquake aid; temporary structures and equipment for field hospitals on their way.

Meanwhile, Turks complain that their leaders are more interested in helping Palestinian Arabs than their own people.

The IDF rescues an elderly Lebanese woman caught in the border fence. (UPDATE: It happened a year ago. Sorry!)

In the wake of the Grapel deal, Netanyahu says on his Facebook page that he "has instructed the relevant authorities to do their utmost in order to bring about the release of Israeli citizen Ouda Tarabin, who has been imprisoned in Egypt for over 11 years." That is a bit vague.

A StandWithUs video on the two sides of the Shalit deal:

Condi Rice was amazed at how much Olmert planned to concede to reach a peace deal - and Mahmoud Abbas rejected it outright. But other reports say that Livni killed the offer. (UPDATE: Full article here.)

A sukkah was vandalized in Jerusalem by Swedish "pro-Palestinian" activists.

44% of Italians have negative impressions of Jews.

Yisrael Medad uncovers some interesting history: Jewish stamp impressions from as early as the sixth century BCE throughout Israel.

Students from India can apply for scholarships to study in Israel!

And here's a video from a couple of years ago, showing someone that obviously doesn't exist if you read the media - an Israeli Arab who is very happy to live in Israel:

(h/t Daled Amos, Onion Tears News, jzaik, silke, Israel Awareness, CHA, Yoel, Yaaqov)