Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lotsa links

Martin Kramer on the Middle East circa 2016

Khaled Abu Toameh: Iran's Well-Attended "International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada"

Jewish Ideas Daily: Career Corps (A military conference at Bar Ilan)

Assad threatens to shoot rockets at Tel Aviv if NATO attacks

David Solway: A meditation on overcoming Jewish self-hatred

Jonathan Schanzer: Congress needs to investigate a corrupt Palestine Investment Fund

Syria attacks army deserters

Elliott Abrams: Samir Kuntar, award-winning terrorist

Dexter Van Zile: Broadcasting a Lethal Narrative: The World Council of Churches and Israel

Giyus: Change in small dosage is promising, swift and radical changes are deadly

Giulio Meotti: The Pogrom on Israeli "Settler Children"

Robert L. Bernstein in WaPo: Why do human rights groups ignore Palestinians’ war of words?

Yaakov Lozowick: Hanan Porat, RIP

Video of a couple of Wall Street protester idiots

Lauren Booth visits Israellycool, and hilarity ensues

Israel Action Network video: Peace needs partners

This should keep you busy for a while....

(h/t David G, Brian of London, Yoel, Richie Miller, Challah Hu Akbar, T34, Hadassah, sophie)