Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iran: "Zionists behind world economic crisis"

From Iran's official FARS "news" agency as well as Iran's ABNA agency:
The Iranian author of the book "Yisroel and Zionacracy", Seyed Hashem Mir-Lohi, took Zionists responsible for the current economic crisis in a large number of the world countries, and said the only way to rescue the world from the current situation is harnessing Zionists' greed and expansionism.

"To save the world from the current situation and prevent further calamities, there is no way out but controlling the Zionists," Mir-Lohi said at a press conference at Fars News Agency on Sunday.

He also reiterated that the current economic problems of the American people which have sparked the "Occupy Wall Street" movement were resulted from the malfunction of the US banks which are mostly under the Zionists' control.

Even the US presidential election candidates should be approved by the Zionist lobby active in the country, Mir-Lohi said.

"Thus, Americans are actually protesting against the behind-the-stage policies of their countries which are decided and run by the Zionists," he added.
The search and replace algorithm replacing "Jew" with "Zionist" is always amusing.

I can't wait for the press release saying that "Zionists" have hook noses.