Monday, October 03, 2011

Hamas brags about eleven years of terrorism

The Palestine Times website published an article today listing Hamas' terrorist accomplishments since the beginning of the terror war that began in September 2000.

They brag about three specific acts of terror:

  • The massacre at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva killing 8 students 
  • The attack by a laser-guided anti-tank missile against a schoolbus, killing a child (that they claim was a "soldier") 
  • The Park Hotel Passover massacre killing 30, mostly elderly, Jews. (Hamas inflates the number of victims to 36.)

The article says that in the past eleven years Hamas has committed:

  • 4303 terror attacks
  • 61 suicide attacks
  • 24 attempts to capture Israelis
  • 423 bombings
  • 90 sniper attacks
  • 146 ambushes

In addition, they claim 8085 projectiles fired from Gaza, of which 2627 were Qassam rockets and 303 were Grad rockets.

They claim to have killed 910 "Zionists" in that time period, while losing 1697 of their members. Not civilians - 1697 dead Hamas terrorists. This doesn't include members of other terror groups like Fatah and Islamic Jihad.

It is clear from the article that Hamas considers the second intifada to still be going on.